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message 1: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana You always promise that:)

message 2: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Yeah, I see a lot of these "Review to come" messages from you. I want to know NOW! :P I'm glad you liked it - this one is next on my list to read.

message 3: by Penny (new)

Penny I know. It's just that my reviews aren't all that great. I mean, sure I can make fun of a book, but when I love a book my reviews are all, "I really like this book. A lot. It's super-dee-duper! Yay for this awesome book!" Then at some point or other I become some mentally challenged fangirl, like so: "There iz hot boyz in dis booook! Sooooo sexy! Squeeeeeeeeee! Then some not so good stuff happens. Me get sad/mad. Then hawt boi savz the day. I luvz dis book! You should read it too. Because I said so."

But you two actually sound intelligent when you review books. You break the book down, analyze it, and, most importantly, don't go all crazy fangirl. Ever. So, yeah, I struggle with the positive reviews. But I've been working on a few, and hope to have them posted soon. I swear.

Okay. I'll post a review before Saturday.

Wicked Incognito Now lol! I have the same problem. It's so difficult for me to pinpoint WHY a book works for me when others don't.

message 5: by Penny (new)

Penny Tatiana and Kat, I posted a review. Happy? ;)

message 6: by Tatiana (last edited May 13, 2010 12:23PM) (new)

Tatiana I am satisfied:)

I expected to love this book, but neither I nor my hubby liked it that much. I thought he would at least enjoy it, but he dropped it halfway because there were no characters to get attached to...

message 7: by Annalisa (new)

Annalisa Great review, Penny. Very funny. I think I'll have to check this one out. I love zombies, not wussy love-story zombies of TFHT, but real zombies. How have I not seen Zombieland yet? Besides the fact that it's rated R, which I manage to ignore anyway, much to the chagrin of my husband. Take that SM; you don't own the word chagrin :).

message 8: by Heather (new)

Heather Loved the review Penny. I may have to read it, though I am a bit disappointed it isn't the book version of 28 days....

message 9: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy I loved this review! Yes I am satisfied now! I'm so going to go read this book now!

message 10: by John (new)

John I'm glad you read and liked it, we can remain friends.

FYI - if you can get a chance to listen to the audio book you won't be disappointed. it's got an all star cast!

message 11: by Penny (last edited May 16, 2010 06:54AM) (new)

Penny Annalisa wrote: "Great review, Penny. Very funny. I think I'll have to check this one out. I love zombies, not wussy love-story zombies of TFHT, but real zombies. How have I not seen Zombieland yet? Besides the fac..."

The past two nights I watched 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction and Zombieland.

28 Days Later was by far the best of the bunch and the first Resident Evil movie came in as a distant second (completely besides the point: Milla Jovovich is incredibly beautiful. I wish I were her).

The funny thing is, I haven't watched a R-rated film in, like, ten years. But after reading this book I couldn't not see these movies--I was much too curious.

Anyway, Zombieland was okay. But I've discovered I much prefer to be actually horrified/terrified by zombie attacks then to laugh at them.

BTW, in World War Z Max Brooks borrowed a few of the more epically awesome zombie killing methods contained in the movies I watched this past weekend.

message 12: by Penny (new)

Penny John wrote: "I'm glad you read and liked it, we can remain friends."

Thanks John. :)

message 13: by Annalisa (new)

Annalisa Penny,
I just realized you replied. You're tempting to see these :). My dad got a clear play so now all these movies I want my husband to see, I can make him see that way. Like The Road, I so want to see that, but dismembered body part, I'm not sure I want to see all of it.

message 14: by Penny (last edited May 27, 2010 06:35PM) (new)

Penny I saw Quarantine and Shaun of the Dead recently. Shaun of the Dead is hilarious, better then Zombieland. Quarantine, despite the fact that the acting is sort of lacking and the zombies looked sort of cheesy, actually made me tremble. I wasn't terrified, just really, really anxious during the last thirty-or-so minutes of the movie.

I've been told that Dawn of the Dead is actually really good and that I should see that one too.

I used to have clearplay but our first clearplay machine broke in one month and the second one broke in about a year. We used it a lot, though, so maybe that's why. Anyway, sometimes the editing was sub-par--there were a handful of occasions in which we heard the f-bomb. But for the most part we were really pleased with our clearplay. We didn't renew our membership with them because our machine broke and we didn't want to buy another machine (they were really expensive three years ago. I don't know what they cost now).

My husband won't watch these movies either, which is a shame since he's sort of missing out. ;) I sort of hate that I've broken my No R-rated Movie rule in order to watch zombie movies. But they're just so incredibly good.

message 15: by Becky (new)

Becky So, I understand that I am way late to this conversation, but I just thought I would add my 2 cents... are any of you fans of 'The Walking Dead'? As far as TV shows go, I believe this one gets less credit than it deserves. And the graphic novel was AMAZING. If you are zombie fans, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

BTW, great review. I'm looking forward to reading this one soon (before the movie, I hope)

message 16: by Penny (new)

Penny @Becky: I love the Walking Dead, both the TV show and the graphic novel series. I love the graphic novel series for the elaborite pictures and overall storyline. I love the TV show because of Daryl Dixson and some of the other deviations from the graphic novels. I wish I could be an extra on that show. The closest thing I can get to that dream is participating in Run For Your Lives, a 5K with an obstacle course and zombies. I'm training for it now.

Also, my advice to you: read this book BEFORE the movie comes out. Honestly, I wouldn't even recommend seeing the movie as it is nothing like the book whatsoever--even from just watching the trailers I can tell. I heard the entire project, from beginning to end, was a flipping catastrophe. READ THE BOOK.

message 17: by Becky (new)

Becky I am reading it now.... let me clarify: I am listening to the audio book. All that audible has available right now is the abridged version. I hope to be able to read the whole thing later. But for now, this will have to do. (Note: guess who is part of the audible cast? Alan Alda... Just thought I would mention that). Anyway, I am very happy to hear that you are a TWD fan, and I've looked into one of the local zombie runs for myself. I think it would be a blast! Good luck with yours!

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Raff thank you so much for your review. it's nice to see a postitive one for this book. I really liked this book and totally agree with you. great review for a great book.

message 19: by Madouc (new)

Madouc Hi! I really like your review, I think you captured what the book meant. I'm not so good at english so my words may sound "robotic". I'm working on my reviews too, I found it a little hard to express what I think of a book, so I haven't post any yet.
Hope to read more from you.

message 20: by Alejandro (new)

Alejandro On your comment that this book is not funny i have to say it's primarily a matter of what you perceive to be funny. Having said that may I remind you of the part when the Indian general guy blows the bridge, the man narrating wakes up to a weird sound, which is zombies. After a bit he looks st the monkey hoping to hear it say something intelligent, hoping the monkey will somehow remind him of his ever fading humanity, only to be peed on by the monkey's tiny penis. See, funny stuff!

message 21: by Remittance (new)

Remittance Girl Kudos for pointing out the abridged version of the audiobook is a disappointment. You saved me from making a mistake and I thank you for it. I bought the unabridged version and really enjoyed it.

message 22: by Lilly (new)

Lilly great review! i loved the documentary-interview style! i get bored with books that dont keep things moving.

message 23: by Tifflovesbooks (new)

Tifflovesbooks I loved this book too! And I'm a church-going-mother-of-3 also. But I've only read 60% of it because I have too much of an imagination and started getting scared at night when I was all alone after my kids went to bed. I'm a military wife and my husband is gone for a year right now, but as soon as he gets back for good I'm picking it up again. I seriously started hearing moaning and scraping sounds outside my window! I would chant "zombies aren't real, zombies aren't real...", but it didn't help.

I loved the movie, which is totally different from the book, and it didn't scare me at all.

message 24: by Emily (new)

Emily I was just reading through some random reviews and curious about what people said about WWZ. Your review is spot on. I was essentially dared to read this book back in 2009 by my husband. I jokingly picked it up and read a bit and was hooked. I loved the style and the vignettes within a story arch.

Man, the movie sucked and I so wanna read this again now.

message 25: by Penny (new)

Penny A pox on every person involved with that movie!

I believe there are two things from the book that are actually in the movie. One is the title, the other is the speech about the 9th (or 10th???) man.

Such an awful movie, though I don't think I'd have any major issues with the movie had they not even pretended the movie was based on WWZ. Although, yeah, sprinting zombies who don't attack sick people is so dumb...I can't even.

I still have hopes that eventually (years and years from now) someone will make this book into a documentary-type movie, complete with snippets of "official footage" and photos.

They can even use "old" twitter feeds, you know?

You really should reread his book. I found upon my rereads its as good or better than I remembered it to be. I even broke down and purchased the unabridged audiobook performance of WWZ after the movie left me wanting. So worth it.

message 26: by Tifflovesbooks (new)

Tifflovesbooks I really enjoyed the movie. BUT I hadn't read the book when I saw it. Didn't even know it was a book. Yeah, I agree the 9th or 10th man was the only thing that was from the book. Well, that and the rifle that Brad Pitt uses in the beginning. It looked like it might have been a nod to the "SIR" rifle they used in the book.
There was book a few years ago: P.S. I Love You, and the movie based on that book was way different, but I still liked it. Just had to think of it as 2 differ stories with the same title.
I'd love to see the Atchafalaya swamp part in the book in a movie. I had just driven over 1-10 and the Atchafalaya basin when I read the book.
Oh, and the "South African Plan"...

message 27: by Quinn (new)

Quinn I don't know who would think you're on drugs for liking this, WWZ has a lot of enthusiastic fans. 5 stars for me too!

message 28: by DeadyKid123 (new)

DeadyKid123 Omg no I'm not smoking crack I prefer the real thing !!!! Omg I'm dying write a book man it would be hilarious!!!

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