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message 1: by Rossy (new)

Rossy Fantastic review, J!

message 2: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Thanks so much Rossy

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Great review!

message 4: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Thanks so much Eyre

message 5: by Zeek (new)

Zeek frakkin luv this book1 Catching Fire is in my book bag for the weekend! :)

message 6: by Buggy (last edited Nov 15, 2010 10:49PM) (new)

Buggy You haven't read it yet? I was surprised because I didn't think Collins would be able to generate the same excitement again, but wow did she ever.

message 7: by Zeek (last edited Jul 23, 2010 04:48AM) (new)

Zeek I actually STILL haven't read it. sigh. (TO be fair I havent been reading much of anything lately.) I go thru lulls like that, but soon enough I'll get my reading mojo back on.

Actually since Mockingjay is soon out, I'm kinda glad I waited, now I can read that right after Catching Fire! :P

message 8: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz Great review Buggy :) I've been avoiding this one forever because it's YA which I don't really read but I'll be picking it up now :D

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Excellent review, Buggy. I want to read it, but I'm afraid, since I didn't like The Long Walk very much at all.

message 10: by Buggy (last edited Aug 25, 2010 06:00PM) (new)

Buggy Thanks so much Eastofoz and Lady Danielle. I'm not really one for reading the YA stuff but this was different and completely sucked me in. One of those books that has you gasping and saying "No way!"

Lady Danielle I really liked the Long Walk so maybe this wouldn't be the book for you?? There is a love triangle here though and its not quite so dark as King's work.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Well that helps that it's not as dark as the King story. Thanks for your help, Buggy.

message 12: by Mariah (new)

Mariah Maadarani I agree, once I read your review I bought the book and my being and adventure lover; really enjoyed the context and characters. If you like the hunger games I'm positive you would enjoy the series "Gone". All the best luck!

message 13: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Thanks Mariah, I'm looking into Gonenow. Do you mean this one by Michael Grant?

message 14: by Mel (new)

Mel Buggy, I saw this book in a listopia about Greek/Roman Mythology (references). Is there something about it in the book? I need it for a challenge :)

message 15: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Hey Mel, I would have to say no. I can't think of any reason why this would be on a Greek/Roman list unless someone wants Hunger Games on every Listopia list.

You've probably already read the The Darkest Night Lords of the Underworld series, true?

message 16: by Zeek (last edited Feb 20, 2011 01:24PM) (new)

Zeek Kenyon's Dark Hunters have alotta mythology characters in it- especially later on down the line when the dream hunters join in... but I'm with Buggy and cant think why The Hunger Games would be on the list!

message 17: by Mel (new)

Mel Thanks girls. I don't like Showalter and I hate Kenyon, but thanks for the tips :)
Found myself another book: Achilles:A Love Story: A Novel of the Trojan War.

message 18: by kzzz (new)

kzzz Hunger Games struck me as very depressing. Could not finish it !

message 19: by Alpinepath (new)

Alpinepath I like this review!

message 20: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Thanks so much Alpinepath :)

message 21: by Katrine (new)

Katrine Great review, I think i'll read this book. It sounds very good.

message 22: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Thanks Katrine, I think you'll like it. Can't wait for the upcoming movie, it looks GOOOD

message 23: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie Love your review and I have a lot of good things about this book I think I might read it before the movie comes out.

message 24: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Thanks Mackenzie, I always like to read the book before the movie too, then I can compare and complain when they change things. Can't wait to see this.

message 25: by Lulu (new)

Lulu You are everywhere I see!! I swear lol. Was this book overrated? I feel like it's the only book everyone is reading these past few days.

message 26: by Buggy (last edited Jan 24, 2012 07:44PM) (new)

Buggy I would say this book became trendy but no, its not overrated. Its a really good read. Exciting, thought provoking, with a unique story and a love triangle too

message 27: by Lulu (new)

Lulu Okay great. Thanks for your insight. For one of my classes the teacher went around and asked everyone what they read latest and I'd have to say mostly everyone answered this book lol

message 28: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Its also popular because the movie is coming out soon

message 29: by Lulu (new)

Lulu I'm sure that's why. I know the movie is based on the book so I figured everyone wants to read the book before the film!

message 30: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Great review Buggy!

Another one, that I need to read. *rolls eyes*

I might just need to give up on "real life" for a while if I have to get through my TBR! *sigh*

message 31: by Buggy (last edited Feb 01, 2012 08:31PM) (new)

Buggy LOL Wendy I hear you! My TBR is ridiculous, I figured out that I have enough books right now for 3 years of reading without buying another (but of course I still do)

This is a good one though, one of those that you have to read

message 32: by Wendy (last edited Feb 01, 2012 08:32PM) (new)

Wendy LOL, 3 years of reading?! I'm hearing you.

Oh alrighty, I will read...only because you said so, hehe. ;)

message 33: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Besides the movie is coming out soon

message 34: by Wendy (new)

Wendy I know. Maybe I should just watch the movie? Nah, they never tell the full story sometimes.

message 35: by Buggy (last edited Feb 01, 2012 08:37PM) (new)

Buggy I always read the book first, then I can tear apart the movie for things they change or leave out ;)

message 36: by Wendy (new)

Wendy So true, Buggy. ;)

message 37: by Emma (new)

Emma Great review, Buggy. Mel - I realize you asked the question about Greek/Roman Mythology references a year ago, but I thought I would add my thoughts anyway. Suzanne Collins has said that she came up with the idea for the Hunger Games in part from the concept of the Minotaur in Roman mythology. Also, she draws a lot of names and concepts in the books from ancient Rome. Panem, for example. But there are quite a few once you start looking for them.

message 38: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Thanks so much Emma :) I had no idea about the Roman mythology aspect, very interesting. It will be fun to read this again using that aspect.

message 39: by Lulu (new)

Lulu What did you think of the movie?

message 40: by Buggy (new)

Buggy In all honesty I wasn't a huge fan of the movie, i thought it was just okay and much prefered the book.

message 41: by Lulu (new)

Lulu Okay I'll prob give the book a shot. I saw the movie but just thought it was slightly overrated.

message 42: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Gobin I agree. This book was fantastic. I personally connected with Peeta and Katniss' love even though I knew it was fake. The book literally had me on the edge my bed while I was reading it. Suzanne Collins really proves to be an author that's here to stay with this book. I was impressed with how vividly and effortlessly she proved her points and made statements. The character developement is also insane and the "Capitol" shows that she can shape her characters around the environment and vice versa. This was a great read and I could recommend it to anyone. The only problem I had was that it was not long enough.

message 43: by Trey (new)

Trey Starks I agree! It was a great novel with a captivating storyline. And like usual< the movie wasn't NEAR as good as the book.

message 44: by Buggy (new)

Buggy The movie never seems to live up to the book does it! :)

message 45: by Arfa (new)

Arfa Saleem i agree.

message 46: by Arfa (new)

Arfa Saleem Buggy wrote: "The movie never seems to live up to the book does it! :)"

no, it never does....

message 47: by Jaida (new)

Jaida The best book ever

message 48: by Jaida (new)

Jaida Hey buggy did you ever go to bible camp?????

Ceri M Steer-tintin im so in love with it. is it wrong:??

Ceri M Steer-tintin how dare you say that anyway.

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