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message 1: by Madeleine (new)

Madeleine Rex I am totally with you. Switching focus was a risky way of doing things, but hopefully Clare's brilliance will shine on in the end. Needless to say, under these circumstances, I wouldn't mind there being more books from CLARY'S perspective.

message 2: by Matilda (new)

Matilda I totally agree!
I never liked Simon, and i honestly just want to hear about Jace/Clary, Alec/Magnus, Jocelyn/Luke & Isabelle. I think it'd be a great story line for Simon to die, and for Isabelle to become Clary's best friend :D

message 3: by Matilda (new)

Matilda Yes, a 5th or 6th book would be great. I kind of want to hear about Clary's training to become a shadow hunter & adjusting to her mother & luke.

Sorry, that was meant to go in the other post ^^^

message 4: by zara (new)

zara Its a spin off, so its bound to change point of views. i liked simon but don't want read the book in his point of view. Cassandra clare said there would be plenty of clary/jace and told readers not to panic. after simons heartbreak, he deserves a happy ending.

message 5: by Jorden (new)

Jorden i hated simon and wanted him to die. i also want to hear more about clary and jace! if she doesn't talk about them i will be so sad!

message 6: by Brandon (new)

Brandon I don't mind simon, but i will only accept him as a friend to clary, but i agree with all of u.
it's a risk to switch focus but yeah i hope it's good :)

message 7: by Brandon (new)

Brandon OK i've read blurb of it and i don't acctually want to read it, Simon's point of view? come on... i said i don't mind him in the book. but theres no need for a book that talks about his vampire life!

message 8: by Olivia (new)

Olivia I really like Simon, so I was relieved that Cassandra Claire wasn't writing more from Clary's point of view.
If you think about it, besides Shadowhunter training, there really wouldn't be much of a plot if the storyline followed Clary. She's already dating Jace, and Valentine is, until further notice, dead.
I think that following Simon would be an ok story, but probably hard to really get into.
If you ask me, Claire should have just left it at the 3rd book.

message 9: by Victoria (new)

Victoria i dont agree with any of you. Im sorry but i dont. although i didnt want Simon and Clary together i didnt want simon gone and i defienatly dont want him dead!!! he is a great character and i dont think he should be main but i dont think he should be cut off. in the third book you see into Simons head and i thought it was intresting. Now a whole book about him i say no but i dont say dont have him in it too!!! i mean why think about his adgustments to a vampire? since half way through the second book he is agusting!! i dont want clary and jace and isebelle and alec and magus gone either tho i want it hiw its suppose to be with little twists and big twists each relating to a character or more then one! its good that way and whoever doesnt agree too bad take it up with someone who cares or even ask my other friend erika, who actually knows books!!!

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