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Donna in Southern Maryland I can't imagine this book not staying with you. Perhaps it is just a generational thing. I understand what your mother was trying to tell you. I'm glad you read it, and maybe as you experience more of life, the more it will ring true.

message 2: by Hillary (new)

Hillary Lee -- I so agree with your review. I was 100 pages from the end when I put the book down and never picked it up again. I doubt it was a generational thing. I have friends my age who adored it, but somehow it didn't touch me quite the same way.

message 3: by Kenielle (new)

Kenielle I want to read but I don't

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Larson Butler This book was terrible! It was just begging to be a movie, and it's got a terrible white savior complex to it. Hey, how about a story about race that challenges you, or the very least, hands the microphone to the disenfranchised?

message 5: by Chandré (new)

Chandré Louw Great review.

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