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message 1: by Todd (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:41PM) (new)

Todd Johnson That's pretty much exactly how I feel about the book, only I am not as perceptive of a reader and I never finish anything in three hours.

message 2: by Shalmali (new)

Shalmali It was fun to read but when I read it again I didn't like it.

message 3: by Bob (last edited Apr 14, 2012 02:55AM) (new)

Bob In answer to your question in your last paragraph Anthony, yes we can. Generally we are very aware of this kind of thing. Although we may never fully understand why we failed we can quickly go back and analyse how we failed so we don't fail it again.

Our biggest problem with these kinds of tests is that we're never happy with or cope well with questions that don't have a correct answer. With these kinds of tests there is almost never a correct answer. Where there is objectivity we have no problems but with subjectivity we have lots of problems

message 4: by Bob (new)

Bob Shalmali wrote: "It was fun to read but when I read it again I didn't like it."

While all books should entertain, this books primary objective is to inform and educate. It's not really a book you should read twice unless you're intending to take notes

message 5: by Pari (new)

Pari Kumar Omg. That is hiarious. Well I bet your book could never beat this one because it is so interesting. LAWLZ. That book made me laugh, cry, think and proceed through life. I just made that sound like a soap opera. JK, it did not make me cry but it made me sad once he found out about Wellington and his mother. I liked that book a lot.

message 6: by Injygo (new)

Injygo I remember tests (social situations in general?) I've failed so that I can look back on them and decide what I should have done. Do other people not do that?

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