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Pixie/PageTurners(Amber) C. Are you reviewing this one?

message 2: by Kristi (new)

Kristi maybe.......

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Oram I was the same way, it took me a year to read The Hunger Games after it was first recommended to me because the summary just didn't appeal to me that much. I finally gave in when Catching Fire was released and the series blew me away. It has been agonizing having to wait for the last book.

Anyway, you said it brilliantly! If you haven't read this series, just read it. There's simply nothing else to say.

message 4: by Isabel (new)

Isabel I still haven't read this! It's a sin! >.<

message 5: by Joyce (new)

Joyce It was not a struggle- read all three books in under a week. And I'm not one with time on my hands. Pure, unadulterated entertainment!

message 6: by Teon (new)

Teon Taylor Whats kristi my name is teon !!

message 7: by Leah (new)

Leah You think you were the last one reading it? Look at me, just read the first two books in the last week and a half... I've only started 3 years after you ;)
But yeah, the book. is. addictive. Couldn't sleep till I couldn't stay awake reading it >.<

message 8: by AveryNoelle (new)

AveryNoelle cool

message 9: by Nora (new)

Nora i started reading it a week a ago and finished yesterday and its 2015. your not the last one.

message 10: by ginia (new)

ginia i agree with you.i dont think anyone knows what makes this series so great.

i gave the book 5 stars too.

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