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K.D. Absolutely This novel is among the 501 MUST READ BOOKS and it was written in 1298. So, next to the Holy Bible this is now the 2nd most oldest book that I've ever read.

In fact, in the travel book that I read last month about the travels of Ferdinand Magellan, this book was mentioned several times as the Magellan fleet brought this book. It was the same case for Christopher Columbus because both the world navigators came after the travels of Marco Polo, his father Nicolo and his uncle Maffeo that happened in 1271 to 1295.

There are so many fascinating facts in this book. Prior to this, what I knew about Marco Polo was that he should be a chinese man (not a Venetian) because Marco Polo is a name of a chinese restaurant that used to be popular here in the Philippines in the 70s or 80s. All I knew about Genghis and Kublai Khan was that they are Chinese conquerors and they look so barbaric. This book gave me a better picture on rich they were, how big was their kingdoms (almost half of the earth!) and how many wives each of them had (more than a thousand)!

500 years have passed since the first publication of this book and they are still as fascinating as probably how Magellan and Columbus felt reading them for the first time. I am glad to have read this book and knew about the people and places then compared to how they are now. For one, Japan use be called Zipangu. During Marco Polo's visit the Japanese were cannibals! No wonder, they were still barbaric during the WWII....

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