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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Lyons It's the same Bret. And it's definitely Marcus in CALL ME SIR, BOY and ALL THE GEAR, NO IDEA. Promise. :)

message 2: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Yeah, I realized it in 'Call Me Sir, Boy'. However, in 'All Gear, No Idea' he is called Jasper. ;)
One of my small pet peeves about the names, but thanks for clearing things up. :)

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Lyons Okay, my copy does NOT have him as Jasper--it's definitely Marcus. But my copy is a Word file from the author. :) So if it was changed, it was changed by the press. Kim got it right. FWIW.

message 4: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Great! I figured it might have been something like that.
Again, thank you for clearing it all up. :) I'll just think Marcus each time I read 'All Gear, No Idea'. ;)

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim Dare Hi guys,

I don't usually comment on reviews, but I thought I should make an exception here, just to clear things up.

Marcus should be called Marcus all the way through the series. It was 100% my fault that Marcus got called Jasper in the second one, but the publisher kindly allowed me to correct my mistake after it came out.

If you redown load All the Gear, No Idea from ARe, you'll get a copy with the correct name in it. Hope that helps.

And thanks for the review :)


message 6: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel It helps a lot & clears up any confusion I had. :)
Thank you for the kind (and fast) response!

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