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message 1: by Igor (new)

Igor Another 5 stars incoming :D

message 2: by Guillermo (new)

Guillermo  Kindof disagree. Dont need more sucker punches. Maybe some flicks on the ear. I think the 5th book has to sort of wrap it up, since from what I hear, book 6 and 7 are prequels. We'll see. Hoping to be done w The Stranded tomorrow.

message 3: by David Sven (new)

David Sven I know what you mean. And I am still enjoying the story. But its the mystery rather than the action that appeals to me more in these books. It's a bit like how I prefer my horror. I don't want to know what the monster or mystery is too early - once the monster is unveiled it stops being scary or interesting.
But we'll see how this finishes up.

message 4: by Guillermo (new)

Guillermo  Thats a good way to put it, when you compare it to the horror genre - once the monster is out of the box, its not as fun. Lets see how it goes.

message 5: by Igor (new)

Igor As always, nice objective review. Got to agree with both of you but still there is more to the story in book five. Also there is nice background in book six as you will notice.

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