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message 1: by Lanier (new)

Lanier "Her faily has never liked her much, espexically with her sister around. "

What is a faily? and expeigxvcially? meaning what? Are you texting to friends, watching TV and three or four other things?

Unnecessarily sloppy?

Couldn't read this one, but it sounds a little like "Lovely Bones" which is an extremely gruesome read, though it also has its moments.

message 2: by Trista (new)

Trista "Not only is she only ten..."

Sunny is not 10, she's at least 14. Jazz ran away when she was 18 and there were many references of their ages being four years apart. It was likely that Jazz had turned 19 while away and that Sunny is actually 15.

message 3: by Sara (new)

Sara Foster I thought the ending was really confusing too. Her parents were just denying the girl had been there because that's the story they agreed on but is it Sunny who writes the letter or the girl?

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