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message 1: by Molly (new)

Molly Whoa Oh, you finished! What did you think?

message 2: by Lynxie (new)

Lynxie Review coming... hold up!! Geez!! :P

message 3: by Tiberius (new)

Tiberius Bones Why three out of five if it is so awesome? Starting it tonight and am curious! :D

message 4: by Lynxie (new)

Lynxie Oops, sorry Tiberius, I must have inadvertently changed it while on my iPhone. It was (and now is again) 5 stars!

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason Parent I have been meaning t read this one for a long time.

message 6: by Lynxie (new)

Lynxie Jason wrote: "I have been meaning t read this one for a long time."

It is most certainly an enjoyable read Jason. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it :)

message 7: by Jason (new)

Jason Parent Howey is promotional genius. That actually works against him for me. Is his book that good, or does he just know how to market like a champ? I'm guessing both, so I am definitely willing to give it a try!

message 8: by Lynxie (new)

Lynxie I picked this up at the recommendation of a blogging friend. I'd never heard of him before reading it. I can't really comment on his marketing or promotional genius. It was lost on me. You'll have to let me know what you think when you've read it Jason!

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