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Blacky *Romance Addict* Well. I bow to you to be able to read this. I certainly couldn't. Saw lots of quotes and it was beyond enough for me to know I wouldn't like it. The humor here, hm to me it doesn't look like real witty humor. It's just saying shocking things all the time, along with cursing and whatnot. Great review Dinjolina!

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NiteReader I'm with you Dinjolina, I really didn't like this book. Most of my GR buds loved it! WTF!

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Dinjolina @Blaky - shlihtaro. :)

All joking aside, I did not laugh AT ALL during this read. I was just going --> O.O the whole time.

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NiteReader JennyJen wrote: "I contemplated reading this after everyone on GR gushed and gushed, but hell to the no. Nothing worse than books that try too hard to be funny. Cough*Charley Davidson*cough."

Good choice! You're not missing anything.

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Ashley I didnt like this book at all. And completely agree with you that it is not funny.

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