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message 1: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana From my experience, a lot of authors who come from fanfiction suffer from this either too much banter or too much angst problem. I feel like when they use someone else's characters and create various angst-/banter-filled scenarios for the fans of these existing characters, it works. In the original works though such approach comes across as trying-too-hard and gimmicky. IMO.

message 2: by Buka (new)

Buka Yes, angst and humor is not everything that makes a character a person.

What's interesting, there was no overabundance of humor in Demon's Lexicon - her first novel. At least as far as I remember. Maybe readers liked her sense of humor, so she started using it more, or maybe she simply had more time to work on the book then. Sometimes all these jokes did divert me from plot holes.

message 3: by stephanie (new)

stephanie i agree with [person: tatiana]. and also with this whole review. i was not a huge demon's lexicon trilogy fan, mostly because i didn't care about the characters, who all seemed to be sacrificed for a plot or witty one-liner. i probably won't be running out to read this one, which makes my to read list a lot easier! ;)

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