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message 1: by Dottie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:34PM) (new)

Dottie What a marvelous review! And so precisely on target. This was an amazing book.

message 2: by Alison (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:34PM) (new)

Alison Silvercharmer--you should join the Rory Gilmore book club. They are discussing this book right now, and you would be a great one to have on board.

message 3: by Erica (new)

Erica I honestly couldn't have written a review that expressed how I feel about this book better than you did. I feel the same way about my husband and not knowing how I would spend my life without him. Claire knows that Henry will be back and I'm sure that's what allows her to carry on with her life after he's gone. What hit me so hard was imagining myself in Claire's place, especially since I was reading the book just a few months before I got married.

message 4: by Merrin (new)

Merrin Whits! Your review made me cry all over again, and I read that book two years ago. I'm glad you loved it as much as I did. I don't know if I'd be able to be friends with you anymore if you didn't.

Did you get to that point that I did? Where the foreshadowing was enough that you KNEW it was going to end tragically and you just couldn't put it down until the very end? Because I got to that point around 12 am and had to stay up until 3 crying and reading and blowing my nose until I finished it.

Love that book.

message 5: by Angela (new)

Angela Excellent review! I just finished the book today and am still in awe how much I love this book.

message 6: by Marti (new)

Marti I dont get how Henry died? Did Care's brothers accidentally shoot him while hunting? What about the part when he was found in the parking garage and had to go to the hospital? Maybe it is obvious but I don't understand. Help???

message 7: by Geri (new)

Geri I was shocked to see a lot of negative reviews. I completely agree with your comments. I couldn't stop crying, and I felt like I had lost someone. As you said, I couldn't imagine losing my husband and the book is just such a moving love story! It just stays with you.

message 8: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Very rarely does a book affect me the way this book has. As I was reading the book I was updating my husband on what was happening. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had to share it with him. The only thing that I didn't like was how it cut to the future forty years later at the end and we find Clare much older. I felt like Niffenegger could've written more about the time in between, but that's just me wanting more from the book.

The movie is being released next month and I can't wait! I need another fix!

message 9: by Gracia (new)

Gracia You cannot truly understand this book unless you had your own share of uncertainty and loss in life...
I agree with silvercharmer, I actually felt the pain that is trickling slowly as you turn on the pages. But yes, there are parts in the book that made me squirm.
I can only say that, Clare's lot is a lot more fortunate. I would give the whole world just to see that someone I lost, again, even with my wrinkled face and white hairs... And Audrey just made me more believe that somehow, somewhere and someday, we'll get to see those we love and we lost.
They were just time traveling. :)

message 10: by Cortney (new)

Cortney Botto Thank you for actually giving this book a positive rating/review. Sure, it had its issues, but I would have to agree with you that it was amazing. I also was swept up in the emotional turmoil of the end of the book, and have been doing this odd sort of crying on and off since I finished the book 1/2 an hour ago. Im a mess and not ready to let go of Henry, or Clare for that matter. Sigh. Great review :)

message 11: by Katie (new)

Katie Marti wrote: "I dont get how Henry died? Did Care's brothers accidentally shoot him while hunting? What about the part when he was found in the parking garage and had to go to the hospital? Maybe it is obviou..."

I was confused about this too. I gathered that first, he got hypothermia from the parking garage and went to the hospital. Then, he had his feet amputated. So when he went time traveling next, he was unable to run away, and Clare's dad and brother shot him thinking he was a deer or what not.

message 12: by Agnes (new)

Agnes Choi Omg, like 'Geri' I was really shocked to see negative reviews about this amazing, mind-blowing book. I'm pretty younger than many people on here cause I'm still in my late teens, but I could FEEL the depth of Clare and Henry's love and their sadness. I was crying so hard and couldn't fall asleep after finishing the book. The review by 'Silvercharmer' totally sums up my feelings about this book. I felt totally in tune with Clare and Henry and the end broke my heart. To be able to see someone you love one last time like Clare did at the very end when she was older would be the most wonderful thing. The time traveler's wife took my breath away.

message 13: by Lynnie (new)

Lynnie Your review was perfect! I loved this book in the exact same way, caught up in it, twisted in emotions and questions that still linger long after the book has ended. Amazing.

message 14: by Aaron (new)

Aaron When I was reading thr book a second time, I came across Henry saying "I would die without my legs" she did a great job on forshadowing.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Amazing review. I loved the book very much, it's a wonderfully new romance movie.

message 16: by Amy (new)

Amy Mcfiddlestien I agree with the review also. I am glad that others can express their views so well. I don't feel capable to do so myself.

message 17: by Kubra (new)

Kubra Hey I agree 100% with you!!! I have a husband and could not even imagine how hard and jut how horrible life would be without him and his presense. That means alot. An just like you I cried alot over this book too. As always I put myself in the person in the books shoes and end up crying more than Ever over a book lol. Your great with taste. :) thanks for the review!!

message 18: by Denise (new)

Denise Mjelde Loved your review. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't. I think the more you love the book, the more disappointing the movie will be.

message 19: by Katie (new)

Katie Denise wrote: "Loved your review. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't. I think the more you love the book, the more disappointing the movie will be."

I usually think that the book is better than the movie. Surprisingly, this movie was portrayed perfectly. You'll love it!

message 20: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Oh, yes! Your review expresses everything I experienced while reading this story. I'm so grateful I was alone because I couldn't help but sob openly.

message 21: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne I really enjoyed your review. I read the book last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the idea of time travel and find it fascinating and thought this book captured the premise nicely. I agree with "understanding how Claire feels about Henry". I emulated her grief while reading through it. DId you see the movie? I found the movie as most do, did such a disservice to the book.

message 22: by Simplyana:) (new)

Simplyana:) After Reading your comment it has inspired me to read the book today!

message 23: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne I'm glad, it was a different kind of read, and it absolutely kept my interest.

message 24: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I started reading this book again and it all takes in new meaning. It's like a big circle and things you thought as being inconsequential at the beginning are understandable in a whole new way. Loved your review. I'm also surprised by all the negative reviews. I don't get it. The characters felt so real that it seemed like I was reading a non-fiction autobiography on Henry DeTamble and Clare Abshire. I wonder how it came about though, it seems like in order for Harry to have been visited by his future self for the first time, that he wouldve had to live his life first. So much to think about.

message 25: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca May Haven't actually read the book yet - am planning on it - but for anyone who hasn't yet seen the movie, I can assure you it is utterly beautiful and heartbreaking.

message 26: by Dianne (new)

Dianne David great review! :) well while reading this book, i sobbed and sobbed. felt that i was claire. a great book, it caught my heart. and one of my favorites. :)

message 27: by Mavra (new)

Mavra Rafi wow.. I cried too while reading this one.. thank god I'm not alone. =)

message 28: by Dianne (new)

Dianne David yes, Mavra, you're not alone :)

message 29: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Turner patty. can't wait to read.

message 30: by Irena (new)

Irena Stipanovic you summon it all in your review, such a great one for great book. I was also at work and at the end was wait what? this is tragic :O crying while the people at my work looked at me with ? mark on their face D': all in all great book and great review :)

message 31: by Mary Kate (new)

Mary Kate Yes, this book was amazing. I can't believe there are so many bad reviews at the top. But I have to disagree with some people about the movie--it was really terrible. Read the book over and over like I did--you catch something new every time--but skip the movie.

message 32: by Dianne (new)

Dianne David Irena wrote: "you summon it all in your review, such a great one for great book. I was also at work and at the end was wait what? this is tragic :O crying while the people at my work looked at me with ? mark on ..."

omigahd! me too. it was like people were staring at me with "What happened?" or "she's crazy" kind of facial expression. hahah

message 33: by Liz (new)

Liz I wasn't too fond of this book, but I'm glad you liked it. It's rare to find books that really grab you like that. (Of course, when I cry during books, it's from something sad happening, instead of, "Best! Book! Ever!")

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message 35: by yuan zeng (new)

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yuan zeng 觉得很还斤斤计较姐姐好久不见恨不能客家话

message 37: by Projectssweat (new)

Projectssweat awesome

message 38: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Horner I almost NEVER read romance but this was given to me so I did. Ive rarely read such a well written story and to be so good when dealing with the complexity of time travel was amazing! I too was reduced to tears several times reading and REreading it! lol

message 39: by Emma (new)

Emma What an amazing review.It hurts my feelings to see people taking bad about this book. It is an honest and beautiful piece of art and your review did it justice.

message 40: by Michela (new)

Michela Van I am so glad to have come across this review! From the first page I fell in love with this book and started reading more and more slowly because I just didn’t want it to end! I finished it this evening and feel so empty knowing the story is over and there’s nothing left to read! Last night I read horrible, scathing reviews about it and couldn’t believe that this book that brought me to tears could be so hated by so many! I’m so thrilled to know someone else shares my feelings!

message 41: by Lesley (new)

Lesley Webb Yay, a positive review! It is touching & well crafted. Loved it!

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