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message 1: by Suzeesg (new)

Suzeesg too funny, 3 people have now told me about this book! I wonder if Todd was interviewed and didn't tell me.....

message 2: by Bob (new)

Bob Lloyd About a third through this and feeling the same way. having lived this in the seventies,not a pleasant reminder. loved other Chabon books.

message 3: by patty (new)

patty Perfect quote from an amazon reader -- "A great novel should not be a chore to read."

message 4: by patty (new)

patty Hey Bob - honestly, I'm not sure I'll even make it to the 1/3 point...especially since there's a new rock memoir ala Pete T to read soon!!!

message 5: by patty (new)

patty And if one is to get ultra-picky, the cover is catchy but overall it's cheesy and I don't like it -- especially the font/placement of "avenue." I'm just sayin'....and I've met the author - I've even been to his house. I remain unbiased. LOL

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