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message 1: by Conrad (new)

Conrad I thought the passages on Pokler were by far the best in the book, too, because so many of the other plot lines end in psychic dogs and song-singing and pig suits; the full grotesquerie of the war might not be fully apparent without the horrifying outcome of his ridiculous, sad predicament.

Until I got to this part of the book I thought it was fancy and smart but lacking a moral center, or any very effective sense of outrage. The peculiar way the Pokler chapters seethe on the page, though, says everything I think Pynchon might have wanted to about the myth of Science as the handmaiden of Progress.

message 2: by Paulpag (new)

Paulpag you guys have got to be kidding me...surely you dont' remember how the story of Pokler ends?
Pokler ends up getting ruined by his paranoia, that the girl visiting him is not his daughter and he ends up fucking her, she was between 13 and 15 years old as i recall. great story, i'll admit, until he ends up smashing his daughter...actually, no, great story regardless...

message 3: by Tracey (new)

Tracey ^ thank you [paulpag] LOL

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