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message 1: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Do you know how many books there will be after this? This book was so fantastic. So much happened.

message 2: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks Zoe wrote: "Do you know how many books there will be after this? This book was so fantastic. So much happened."

This from the author but it is almost a year old, I expect at least 3 more but official answer is below unless somebody has better info:

"I'm getting a lot of emails asking how many books will be in the Alex Craft series. The truth is that the answer hasn't been determined yet. Currently, Roc has me contracted for the first three books, but it is my hope that they will want more books in the series because I have a lot more story to tell. I do have an idea how the series will end, but I don't actually know how many books it will take for me to reach it.

Does that make everything as clear as mud? LOL"

message 3: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Thanks! I hope they ask for more books :P

message 4: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks I wrote the author about the future of the series and she was kind enough to respond with the below info:

"Hi Douglas,

Thanks for writing me. No, the series isn't dead--I just seriously need to update my website. The next book, Grave Visions will be out next yet and there are two more books contracted beyond that.

Thanks so much for reading.
Best wishes,
-Kalayna Price
USA Today Bestselling Author"

message 5: by Zoe (new)

Zoe So excited. Thank you!

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) Hey, Douglas, I must remember to keep on your good side, you love your revenge... Seriously, thanks for the info that there will be more books, Thank God, i want to know what happens.

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