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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark You've read a boatload in the last month or so!

message 2: by Juls (new)

Juls OMG i know! i cant stop either! theres just so much that needs to be read!!!

Oh and the boss is outta town this week so i'm taking full advantage :D

message 3: by Mark (new)

Mark Boo yah! That's whatcha call fringe benefits :D

After seeing this review, I noticed you've already dug into another. Ahhh, does the mind and heart good to see folks on a reading spree - and for the books to turn out to be good reads, no less!

message 4: by Juls (new)

Juls i actually cheated and read Easy ;)
I had this and daughters of Terra as a buddy read for today.
All the sex slave stuff had me in a dark place, needed a YA to bring me back. and it worked!!!

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Dunellen Nothing wrong with that - that is why I have been alternating back and forth between authors and book types for the last few weeks.

message 6: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I'm glad you liked it, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

message 7: by Juls (new)

Juls i got shit for it tho from my buddies ;) LOL
i dont care cuz i loved this book!

message 8: by Mark (new)

Mark You gotta alternate some! Only Sarah could read dark stuff days and weeks on end! HAHAHHAHAHA

message 9: by Juls (new)

Juls thats very true! she's got issues!
I can talk about her cuz she's not gonna see this LOL

message 10: by Mark (new)

Mark Why do you think I felt free to post it here? :D

In a mail, I think I said you'd dig this Icelandic author she recommended. Err, I take that back. There's some stuff here that I don't think would sit well with you - but you prolly already knew that!

message 11: by Juls (new)

Juls i like stuff that wont sit well with me! i must go check my email for the books you are talking about! :D

message 12: by Mark (new)

Mark In that case, do I have an avalanche for you! HAHA

message 13: by Juls (new)

Juls Mark wrote: "In that case, do I have an avalanche for you! HAHA"

bring it!!!! LOL

message 14: by Juls (new)

Juls OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i about had a fucking heart attack!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna have nightmares now!!!!

message 15: by ★Ruth★ (new)

★Ruth★ LOL Jul's you big feckin scaredy cat!

message 16: by Juls (new)

Juls ure fucking right i'm a scaredy cat! LMAO!!!!

message 17: by Mark (new)

Mark You knew it was comin! HAHAHAHA. This and the first Evil Dead movie - CREEPY!

message 18: by Juls (new)

Juls seriously, every time i get a notification for this discussion i shudder! ugh!!!!!

message 19: by Juls (new)

Juls now thats just cruel! ;)

message 20: by Meghan (new)

Meghan Rose OMG this just popped up on my update feed...beyond messed up, soooo gonna have nightmares again!!!!!

message 21: by Mark (new)

Mark HAHAHAHA. Who says you need caffeine to stay awake? Try the natural cure, good old-fashioned coulrophobia!

Hazel G. (I ♥ Mancandy) *Craves the Angst Reviews* . I LOVE the pic you added! Wowza! And the caption is so dead on. Great find! ;) I wanna re-read!

message 23: by Juls (new)

Juls I know, me too! love this book! we should totally reread :)

Hazel G. (I ♥ Mancandy) *Craves the Angst Reviews* . Juls wrote: "I know, me too! love this book! we should totally reread :)"

I'd totally be up for that!!! *sigh* Lucas.. YUM! At least he's a little older the Jude, yeah? Not so much robbing the cradle on this one am I? Ahh who am I kidding? I can totally see it, there're gonna reserve me a spot in Cougar Town before its all said and done! LOL!

message 25: by Juls (new)

Juls Cougar town? Now I feel old LOL

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