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message 1: by Gary (new)

Gary I had much the same take on this book. I'm reading it for a Philosophy class on Beauty and Art. Thankfully I'm done. I did learn some things from the book, but I found it dated. Your right on the last couple chapters are much better than those that proceeded it.
I also had to read Nancy Etcoff's book The Survival of the Prettiest, which I found much more scientific and compelling.
If you have a recommendation for a recent book on this subject, please send it along.

message 2: by Lani (new)

Lani I don't have any suggestions that I can think of that have been in exactly the same vein, but some feminist-ish books that I have enjoyed have been... The Body Project, Schoolgirls (Peggy Orenstein, AWESOME BOOK, but about younger women), a Gloria Steinhem anthology (hit or miss, but some enjoyable bits), and Bitch (Elizabeth Wurtzel, also very hit or miss, but pretty contemporary, lots of pop culture). I'd have to go check the bookshelves downstairs for any others. Pretty in Punk is an interesting halfway decent academic analysis of punk women - not great, but a unique perspective.

Oh! I also recently read a compilation of BUST! magazine, a 10th anniversary thing. Articles from their past 10 years, so again a fairly recent one, but wide variety of topics and range of quality. Another similarly decent collection is She's Such a Geek which I enjoyed for its variety of perspectives on female nerdiness.

I'm also fascinated by the topic of women in Islam and have read lots of books on that - see my islam shelf. An academic one, and rather related to the Beauty and Art topic (with an Eastern flavor), would be a book by Fatima Mernissi called... I think, Scherezade Goes West. It is pretty short, but quite an interesting take on the hypersexuality applied to Eastern women and the harem myth. I had a lot of fun reading it.

Apologies for vague descriptions, but I suspect this will make for a fruitful Amazon search...

message 3: by Bad Girl (new)

Bad Girl Bex Great review! Your thoughts echoed my own sentiments perfectly!

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