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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason Don't lie, you loved it. You just want to incite the young'ins...

message 2: by Camille (new)

Camille Uh oh. If this is how you feel about book 2, you're really going to hate book 3.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I didn't really like this book either. I think it's like most other 2nd books in a trilogy.

message 4: by Karin (new)

Karin I really liked The Hunger Games but was a little disappointed with the sequel - seems like it was written in a hurry to cash in on the popularity

message 5: by M.T. (new)

M.T. Dahl As far as reviews go there is the element of the burgeoning self-pubbing indie etc authors who can't wait to make their mark in the YA world or at least make inroads by association - so of course, hell yeah - five stars, and on to the next blog trail INCREDIBLE YA GIVEAWAY CONTEST. etc etc. I'm half way through and keep wishing someone else had written it.

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I thought it was more of a segue to the third book, which I have yet to read so I might be wrong.

message 7: by M.T. (new)

M.T. Dahl Michelle wrote: "I thought it was more of a segue to the third book, which I have yet to read so I might be wrong."

It feels like The Hunger Games is one book published in three volumes like Lord of the Rings.

message 8: by Zachary (new)

Zachary Adams The whole series is an epic fail to me in comparison to the Underland Chronicles! Sorry but it is the utter truth! Epic FAIL.

message 9: by Carol (new)

Carol All I'm going to say is YEP, YOU'RE IN THE MINORITY! :)

message 10: by Emmma (new)

Emmma i agree!!

message 11: by Molly (new)

Molly I think it carries on the series on beautifully! But like someone said, if that's how you feel, you really are going to hate the third one!

message 12: by Cat (new)

Cat I think it was an ok short read...... Not the best tho

message 13: by Destiny (new)

Destiny I thought, after reading the hubger games, that there is no way that the sequel could get any better than this.but OH MY MY! was i wrong!
Unlike you, I LOVED CATCHING FIRE, and even mockingjay!
But hey, everyone has a right to have an opinion.

message 14: by Claire (new)

Claire Agree completely.

message 15: by Joel (new)

Joel K this book is so good loved it!!!

message 16: by Atlantis (new)

Atlantis I understand your meanings behind what you're saying but in a way I disagree. I don't believe any of it was rushed or lazy or lame. It all tied together. Having the games set up as a clock was very clever and with all the people and everything just worked together. It seemed like she put a lot of effort and time in writing and completing this amazing book. It has any sensory details and it kept me interested and made me what to read even more. I believe that's what a good book should do. Only great authors could do tat and Collins for sure did.

message 17: by Cici (new)

Cici I disagree too i liked the series i think she should never change it.

message 18: by Tosin (new)

Tosin I agree the mid point twist is rush, they sweep it away in a few lines but the film makes up for it in a way I guess

I love dogs :¬{) THIS WAS AN AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!!!!

message 20: by jaide (new)

jaide shut up!!!!!!!!! i mean it

message 21: by Nirvana (new)

Nirvana I disagree. Catching Fire was incredible, and you are definitely in the minority with this review.

And the fact that you failed to express your opinion with proper grammer and capitalization. It's actually *your* not *you're*and thisnis one of the countless mistakes I could point out.

message 22: by Nirvana (new)

Nirvana You think that the game aection was lame, huh? What will it take to impress you, your Royal Highness? The clock was ingenious and you know it.

The pacing of the book was perfect. Every chaptr moves the story in some way, and leaves us begging for more.

I could go and on, but I'll stop here.

p.s CATCHING FIRE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! ^^ <3

message 23: by ginia (new)

ginia iloved this one. i read it twice b/c i love it so much. you can think what you want but i think it was AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME

im reading it again!
p.p.s i think you should to and see how gret it really is.

message 24: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Brian if you think for one minute this book is bad I don't know what you are talking about this book is a very good book I would rate it 5

message 25: by Nick (new)

Nick Smith I suppose, I just have to silently go on believing I just didn't read this. [ And by this, I mean your comment. ]

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