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message 1: by Brad (new)

Brad "If Proust had been a hella Dungeon Master and then dropped all the monsters and sword play…you might end up with something like City of Saints and Madmen." That needs to be added to the critical praise for the book in its next addition, David. Perfectly said.

Great review of a crazy, inspired book. So what have you absorbed for your next book? I can't wait to see.

message 2: by David (new)

David Katzman Thanks, Brad! I wouldn't say I took any significant source of inspiration from this particular book. But i choose it because i thought it might have a complementary tone, in part, since most of my second book occurs in an altered reality. If anything, i think the tone of some of these stories was useful for me to absorb, in the back of my head...nothing overtly.

message 3: by Traveller (last edited Mar 03, 2012 01:06PM) (new)

Traveller Hmm, very good review, but I'm not going to give it a 'like' because of the spoilers. You pretty much spoiled an entire story there. How about using spoiler tags in consideration of those who haven't read the book yet?

Otherwise, very nice review. :)

message 4: by David (new)

David Katzman Fair call, Traveller. I'm pretty sure I wrote this review before they introduced spoiler tags, I'll go back and add them.

message 5: by Traveller (last edited Mar 03, 2012 11:26PM) (new)

Traveller Thanks, David! I'm on a crusade against spoilers. I also write them, of course, but I usually at least try to put a warning.

Brad's review is full of spoilers, but he did warn about them at the top. So I just read the first bits of his review as I went along with the stories, and saved reading his full review for once I was done with the book.

Your spoiler was stumbled upon suddenly and I just thought to myself that I'm so glad I'd already read that story! But now it's cool! ^_^

message 6: by David (new)

David Katzman Makes sense!

message 7: by James (new)

James Webster I never played D&D but I too loved the world he created, more than the characters or stories themselves. Some of the violence felt a bit gratuitous.

message 8: by David (new)

David Katzman Glad to hear it, James. He obviously wanted to create a world where violence was common, but it is always tricky for an author to determine how best to portray that.

message 9: by Clif (new)

Clif When it comes to book reviews, David, you are the WALRUS!

message 10: by David (new)

David Katzman Goo-goo-gah-jew! I like the cut of your jib, Mr. Clif!

message 11: by Maria (new)

Maria David, you write very interesting and enjoyable reviews. Even though is not the type of reading that I aim for, you make it like a risk worth taking!

message 12: by David (new)

David Katzman Thank you, Maria!

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