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message 1: by Haraiah Eve (new)

Haraiah Eve Currently reading this now. Almost halfway through and it's so good! I wanted to finish this in one sitting but, you know, SCHOOL. :(

Teresa Mary Rose Ohhh I know. I spent my weekend with this book haha. Just wait for that ending.

message 3: by Haraiah Eve (new)

Haraiah Eve Ohmygosh.. This is killing me. LOL! I'm going to finish this later after I'm done with the school stuff. Eeeepp!!

Teresa Mary Rose Do it! It is just so good. I wanna re read it already.

message 5: by Haraiah Eve (new)

Haraiah Eve Oh GOD. Please tell me the world isn't ending! After I read Opal I was like, 'THERE BETTER BE A DUAL POV!' And thank the heavens it seems like it. If it isn't, I'm going to die.

Teresa Mary Rose Haha there is a dual POV for the next books! I don't know how I will survive that wait after that ending. I still can't stop thinking about it!

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