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message 1: by LindyLouMac (new)

LindyLouMac It is interesting to read your review for this Annalee. I felt maybe you did not enjoy it quite as much as The House at Riverton?
I am on a Bookring for this title and looking forward to reading it myself!

message 2: by Annalee (new)

Annalee Yes, you felt right lol.

I'd let you have it but because of its size I think it would cost quite a bit to post.

message 3: by LindyLouMac (new)

LindyLouMac Thanks for the thought but post is becoming very expensive. I do not mind waiting!

message 4: by LindyLouMac (new)

LindyLouMac It arrived in the post the morning I last posted about it! I started it last night and have read the first four chapters.
I am looking forward to sitting in the garden and reading some more this afternoon.

message 5: by Holly (new)

Holly Weiss Would you recommend The House at Riverton over this one?

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