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message 1: by Bettie☯ (new)

Bettie☯ Thanks Kim, Jim, Veeral; cracking along at a fair lick and not suffereing the slightest from the
second-in-series syndrome.

message 2: by Wanda (new)

Wanda I am lining these up for next. I wanted to read Dead Souls; however, your enthusiasm has caused me to reconsider.

message 3: by Bettie☯ (new)

Bettie☯ Thanks Wanda - this series was conceived long before Downton Abbey. Those who moan on about lack of depth in characters or skimming over every historical happening in these eye-scorching books, don't seem to level the same criticisms at the TV series do they.

Hah - both are popcorn and I say Bring It On...

Nom Nom Nom

message 4: by Bettie☯ (new)

Bettie☯ Thanks Mimal - I do so hope they make these books into marathon miniseries.

message 5: by Wanda (last edited Nov 20, 2012 05:18PM) (new)

Wanda It is a shame really. I look to be entertained by television knowing it is out-of-reality but maybe the people are pretty (e.g., Thomas of Downton) entertainment.

Books become for me a bit more "real" and when people are transparent, that is realistic. Those types really exist. Besides, I will take a book over television most any day. When I touch a book I have read, I can "hear" all the people within conversing. Silly, I know, but that is how I remember books and stories.

message 6: by Bettie☯ (new)

Bettie☯ When I touch a book I have read, I can "hear" all the people within conversing.

That's it - you've nailed it

message 7: by Fiona (new)

Fiona I am delighted with Wanda's comment and relieved to read it. I've said it for years and no one has understood. I'm a slow reader because I have to hear every character. Everyone has their own voice which I will remember long afterwards. That's what brings books to life for me. Even when I'm not there, their conversations continue. Thanks Wanda and Bettie. Great to know I'm not alone!

message 8: by Samapika (new)

Samapika A book containing more than 1000 pages, must have something very unique in it either in its story line or the writing style. This book has both. It gripped me through all my free time, I couldn't do anything but just to read, just to find out what next.

But Now, I have to wait till the last book comes out. This story will live with me.

P.S I wish there is some more about Billy in this book as I always admired ... Billly- with- Jesus :)

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