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message 1: by Jayne (new)

Jayne Gordon Couldn't agree more! So great to find intelligence in the mass of ignorant reviews on Goodreads. Thank you.

message 2: by Art (new)

Art Stevens I am no embarassed that I did not read this book years ago. It takes a book like this to remind us of how far we have yet to go. The scenes in this novel combined with the scenes I recall in Amastad are burned into my heart and mind. To think that our fellow friends were treated as mere chattel such that familiies could be broken up with no more emotion than selling a couch on Craigs List. We have to make sure that our kids read this novel as well.

message 3: by Christy (new)

Christy I totally agree with your review!! I don't understand how anyone could not give this 5 stars!

message 4: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Nunez Definitely agree. The book's profound grab on the reader is just simply exhilarating; from being hunted by Tom Locke to the heartfelt bonding moments between Eva and Uncle Tom, how could you not love this story? It shows that despite all odds Tom was able to get through it all by the means of hope and salvation; not only this but his dream was passed onto others such as George Shelby. Through this book, I was able to understand even more the great evil of slavery, which is important to know if we as a united group of people want to maintain and stabilize a happy, fair society. Very touching story and a great read.

message 5: by R (new)

R E Reading these comments especially from people who white Caucasian

message 6: by Amy (new)

Amy T. Your review explains my thoughts on this book exactly. This book left a mark on my heart.

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