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message 1: by Petra X (new)

Petra X I've never tried to read Baldwin. But I might now.

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian That's great to hear, Petra! This book would be my recommendation for a first of Baldwin's. If you do read it (or anything else by him) I'm very interested in what you think.

message 3: by Petra X (new)

Petra X I have Notes of a Native Son so I might give it a go.

message 4: by Brian (new)

Brian Nice! I've not read that one - I'll pick it up as well.

message 5: by Steve (new)

Steve I just got Notes of a Native Son for Christmas, so I'll be initiated soon, too. From what you're saying, Brian, we all ought to be.

message 6: by Brian (new)

Brian I got that book late last year as well after this exchange with Petra. If you plan on reading it soon perhaps we can read in tandem? I should have my deck cleared by mid February for another book.

message 7: by Steve (new)

Steve That sounds good, Brian. Let's touch base again in another few weeks.

message 8: by Brian (new)

Brian Will do - looking forward to it!

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