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Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ Haven't read it yet but I'm sure it's better than Strider's book because that one was awful!

message 2: by Maddux (new)

Maddux It is. Much more interesting stuff going on in this one. And by then end of the book... It's good.

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ I still have to wait for my copy to arrive. *sighs* I'm curious how I'll like Sienna because so far I'm not a fan of her.

message 4: by Maddux (new)

Maddux Yeah... I wasn't either. But, um... at the end, you'll definitely have your answer.

message 5: by Mya (new)

Mya I love Torin and William too

message 6: by Maddux (new)

Maddux Mya wrote: "I love Torin and William too"

William gets more and more interesting as the series progresses.

But I think Torin will always be my favorite.

message 7: by Mya (new)

Mya You didn't like the keeper of Lies? I loved his story

message 8: by Maddux (new)

Maddux Oh, I liked his story, too. There's a little something about all the Lords that I liked. Aeron.. Maddox.. Lucien.. Amun.. All of them.

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