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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill Hall Re: Louie's conversion.

As a born-again Christian, attendee at some Graham crusades, and former pastor, I find that Louie,s conversion experience and the power of God to immediately and completely heal are authentic. First, the point of spiritual struggle during the altar call is common for those resisting the pull of the Spirit. Then, the seemingly immediate cleansing of the soul from behaviors and attitudes. Laura Hillenbrand treats the conversion with sensitivity and accuracy.

Not everyone who undergoes conversion has so complete a regeneration experience, but Louie's experience, as described, is genuine. It seems that people with larger issues often have greater regeneration experiences.

I'm not surprised that non-religious people who don't have many born-again friends have trouble believing this part of the book. But, their lack of experience doesnt mean that Louie's regeneration was not authentic.

message 2: by laura (new)

laura So, did you go and read the autobiography? I honestly didn't care for Laura's writing for a number of reasons, but I enjoyed the story.

message 3: by Terry (new)

Terry Canada Ww2 foundation states approx 43,000 planes lost and 23,000 in combat .. Not 35,933 and not 1 in 6 in combat like the book says. Source:

message 4: by Margitte (new)

Margitte Eric, this honest review of yours is refreshing. I am not sure if I want to read the book, judging from the overall opinion of it by different readers, but would rather read informative reviews of it. I knowww, it doesn't make sense at all, but I suspect that the right frame of mind is essential when starting this book. However, what an extraordinary life was celebrated in this book, right? Wonderful review!

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