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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Great review. I go back and forth with Perez-Reverte: I thought "The Nautical Chart" was good, if overly long, and I was absolutely pissed off by the cop-out he pulled in "The Club Dumas." Since finishing the latter, I've thought of picking up other books like him–especially "Queen of the South," which looks really interesting. Then the lingering bad taste caused by "Dumas" dissuades me. With this review, though, you may have turned things around.

message 2: by Terry (new)

Terry I find him uneven too. I actually liked _The Club Dumas_, but I admit the ending didn't really work. Strangely enough I read, and was left cold, by _Captain Alatriste_ which, by all rights, ought to be my favourite of his books. I mean, its got sword fights and intrigue in homage to my main man Dumas Pere, yet somehow it just didn't gel at all for me...to my great disappointment. I'll keep trying the Alatriste books as time permits in the hopes that they get better, but I have too many other books to read right now. I whole-heartedly endorse _The Fencing Master_ however, and have my eye on _The Flanders Panel_ of which I've heard good things.

message 3: by Traveller (new)

Traveller I used to do fencing as a sport at college, (and yes, females have to wear upper body protection in the way men wear codpieces ) :P so I prick up my ears when I hear the word "fencing".

message 4: by Terry (new)

Terry I took a beginner's course in saber fencing a few years back. Alas my natural talent was non-existent and the intermediate training was given by the Russian instructor who I couldn't understand at all so I gave up, but I still harbor the dream of becoming a fencer.

message 5: by Traveller (new)

Traveller I personally was just using the common garden variety foil. Some of the males were doing other weapons like the saber, but that's a bit less common than the foil, I think.

I suppose I have quite a natural talent for it, since I was always quick and had a good eye.

My technique was probably not too wonderful, since that takes practice, of course. I haven't done it for ages though. Except for the odd little jog these days, I've very sadly become the proverbial couch potato. :(

I suppose I could (should :P) look up a fencing club...

message 6: by Traveller (last edited Apr 06, 2012 12:23AM) (new)

Traveller Hmm, and I think my poor (now become lazy and flabby) thighs would take a beating actually, now that I remember all those lunges we had to do..

Say, that's actually a good exercise to do every now and then throughout the day. Come to think of it, I'd have to get my legs back into shape if I ever considered taking it up again.

I would have thought I'm probably too old for it if I didn't know ppl who fenced right into their 60's.

And no, I'm not telling how old I am - old enough to be not young. :P

The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) Your not too old. If my little brother can take up Tae Kwan-Doe at the age of 47, get his black belt and take gold medals at the World competition (for his skill group) then you can probalby manage fencing at age of "I'm not telling how old I am - old enouigh to be not young:P."

Just sayin.

Good Review Terry. I liked it.

message 8: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Keeten This is one of my favorite Perez-Reverte's too. I just really liked and respected Don Jaime. He is someone in another life time I would have been proud to know.

message 9: by Mark (new)

Mark Have never read any of this man but you make it sound fascinating. Thanks

message 10: by Terry (last edited Apr 11, 2012 10:35AM) (new)

Terry Yeah Jeffrey Don Jaime is a great character, though despite the fact that he's a maitre d'armes he isn't really a traditional swashbuckling protagonist at all. It's really quite interesting how Perez-Reverte managed to make him so sympathetic despite his somewhat cold, and even priggish attitude.

message 11: by Terry (new)

Terry Thanks Killer! Yeah, this is one I keep coming back to. I just love the atmosphere Perez-Reverte is able to evoke.

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