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message 1: by Leslee (new)

Leslee I heard Holly Black was actually a fanfic writer before she got published a la Cassandra Clare, and in fact was the one who got Ms. Clare discovered. I read some of Clare's fanfics back in the day but haven't read any of her novels because I heard they were a bit of a retread of her earlier fanfic work. I wonder how Holly Black's novels compare to her earlier fanfics.

message 2: by Kaila (new)

Kaila Oh my, I didn't know that. Well everyone has to start somewhere right! From what I read while writing this review it sounds like her writing has improved enormously.

message 3: by Leslee (new)

Leslee Yeah, I don't mind the humble beginnings, in Clare's case it's more mining fics she'd written before to create her 'original' works, the idea of that turns me off. I have a couple of holly black books that someone passed to me, I'll give her a shot.

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