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message 1: by Sofia (new)

Sofia You know...? Starting this series with Lothaire must be quite some experience :) all the other books follow more or less the same formula, but this book has it all for a steamy one imo, since the "hero" is a (really-all-you-mentioned) bad guy.

message 2: by Erika (new)

Erika Quite some experience, indeed :) Since i don't have a clue who are these Nix, Hag, etc, etc. It was just a crazy thing to jump 11 books in the series. But i did it and finished it :D And i ended up liking the book.
I'm planning to read the book #1 soon. But i do wonder if the heroes from the other books have the similar characteristics with Lothaire. I hope not. Not that i hate him. He's unique after all. I'm just gonna freak out. But still gonna read it.

message 3: by Sofia (new)

Sofia Your hopes will be fulfilled :) Lothaire is one of his kind. The one absolutely charming asshole of the whole series. He's my favorite char from the series. I so love his sarcasm (yes, I have a thing for bad boys...).
I myself, didn't start the series by order, started last year with book 11 (Dreams of a Dark Warrior) which I quite enjoyed. Then I went on reading book 10, 9 and 8, lol (backwards, yes, I am a bit crazy :) ). Just after reading "Lothaire" I decided to behave and read the rest of the series in order (on book 3 now). But the books are well writen enough to not feel totally lost if you read them out of order.
From those 2nd chars you've read, the most important is Nïx. She's the one you're going to see showing up over and over along the series. Her book is the most expected (now that Lothaire has come out).
Guess you should really give a go to the rest of the series, with this in mind: Lothaire is the best book so far.

message 4: by Erika (new)

Erika Charming asshole. I love your words!! so very much Lothaire. Thanks for giving me some peace of mind knowing there's just one Lothaire. For me he is a charming asshole best served in single dose :D
Glad to know I can read it randomly (by the by I admire your style reading backwards ;p) although I usually read series in order. Reading the last book really isn't my style, coz I have one biggest weakness which is curiosity. It could kill me. But that cover... i fell into temptation.
I'm also looking forward to Nix's book. Thanks for your info Sophia, i appreciate it :)

message 5: by Sofia (last edited Jan 23, 2012 05:16PM) (new)

Sofia Heh, you're welcome. It's not entirely a chronological series, so it's not at all like you read the end of the story and now the rest is uninteresting. Besides, it looks like the series is halfway... :)

Btw, regarding your review, I would like to comment something about it. Agree in most of it with you, except for one thing: Ellie is totally a match for Lothaire.
He didn't know it, but what he needed as a Bride was someone as cunning and intelligent as he was, someone *able* to manipulate/deceive others as he did, someone able and unafraid to defy him constantly. He needed someone that would be a constant challenge for him and his ability to predict everything: surprising and unexpected (because it was rare that people dared to defy him, much less best him...). Only way for Lothaire to feel respect for his Bride, and therefore, truly love her. And not only that: only way to make his life exciting again, making him feel young, alive. Therefore, happy. And Elizabeth was totally that person he needed.
Just my opinion, anyway :)

message 6: by Erika (new)

Erika It's totally ok sharing opinions with me. I understand what you're saying and i'm agree with it. What i meant when i said she's not a match was that there were moments when Lothaire gave Ellie no choice except for what he wanted. After she became vampire, she was indeed stronger physically and mentally. However, when she was still a mortal, i just felt sometimes she knocked him out, and vice versa. But mostly it's Lothaire. Ellie never left him with no choice as he did to her.
Unless you count when she almost had him decapitated ;D Ellie scored full points on that.

message 7: by Sofia (new)

Sofia Ahh, yes, you're right in there.
Hehe and I believe that holds true till the end of the book: Lothaire never gave Ellie a choice, if it came to what he wanted ^^
But Ellie is totally my heroin, she never bowed to his crap, whatever she could do to fight him, she did, even if he never gave her a choice to fight back. So stubborn was one as was the other, lol. Perfect match ^^
And yes, the near-beheading was like a huge STFU with a big slap to him :) And he did go quiet. After that, I felt they were practically like equal. The exchange of "gifts" is proof of that. Giving him the middle finger, literally! Hilarious! :D Their dynamics as a couple is great!
Omg, I liked this book so much, I could discuss about it for hours :)

message 8: by Erika (new)

Erika LOL I'm cracking up. Playing over that swords flying scene and gift exchange on my head. You're so right. That was the only moment he did go quiet. Really quiet.
Yeah she's adorable, one of my favorite heroines. Smart mouth.
What's your favorite book of the series? After Lothaire, of course :)

message 9: by Sofia (new)

Sofia Hmm... My favorite book after "Lothaire"? I think book 11, because it was my first of the series. But followed very close by book 2, you gotta love the Lykae ("werefolves").
All males in this series are possessive alpha's: "You're MINE!! Accept it!" sort of guys, and the Lykae are probably the worst, but they are also so sweet :)

message 10: by Claire (new)

Claire Love your review!

message 11: by Erika (new)

Erika Sofia wrote: "Hmm... My favorite book after "Lothaire"? I think book 11, because it was my first of the series. But followed very close by book 2, you gotta love the Lykae ("werefolves").
All males in this seri..."

Yhanks for the recommendations Sofia. Sorry for my very late respond.

message 12: by Erika (new)

Erika Claire wrote: "Love your review!"

Thanks Claire!

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