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message 1: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Howey A Memorability Factor. I love it!

Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it. Just so you know: the series only gets better going forward. You're in for a treat!

message 2: by Gertie (new)

Gertie Great! I didn't realize until I posted the review and looked for more work by you that there are more in the series, so that is good news indeed. I also added a couple of books to my TBR list. (Inspiring the daily dose of Goodreads love/hate, because of the ever growing TBR list!) :-)

message 3: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Howey Goodreads is like Miracle-Grow for the old TBR list!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the WOOL series. I'm told they get better and better.

message 4: by Gertie (new)

Gertie Haha, yeah no kidding... too bad we can't put Goodreads in a cool dim place for a week to stunt its growth while we catch up. :-P

message 5: by Sonia (new)

Sonia Did you read the stories that follow? I'm asking cuz i can buy all of them for the nook for $5.99. worth it?

message 6: by Gertie (new)

Gertie Oh yeah, just dive right in and buy the whole bundle. Just about anyone who has read these would say the same thing, it's worth it. :-)

message 7: by Karen (new)

Karen Absolutely worth it, Sonia! I just finished them all a couple weeks ago. I'm hooked!

message 8: by Karen (new)

Karen Nice, Gertie! I like the vision!

message 9: by Gertie (new)

Gertie Thanks Karen. :-) By the way, I sent you your WOOL t-shirt today! Should get there by Saturday I think.

message 10: by Amy (new)

Amy Yes, definitely one of my favorite reads of the year, too. Now I wish I'd dived into this series instead of the Chaos Walking series after reading the prequel novella ... Oh well.

message 11: by Karen (new)

Karen Gertie wrote: "Thanks Karen. :-) By the way, I sent you your WOOL t-shirt today! Should get there by Saturday I think."

Yaaay! :-D

message 12: by Karen (new)

Karen Oh, Hugh loves this fan art! (per facebook)

message 13: by Gertie (new)

Gertie That made me sooo happy! After I posted it I kind of got self-conscious and was going to remove it from his wall and just leave it in the contest. But after seeing some comments I calmed down and left it. :-P I get that way sometimes (an artistic temperament?).I was especially happy Hugh liked it though.

message 14: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Howey Gertie: That was you?! The art is brilliant.

message 15: by Karen (new)

Karen Ha ha.. I'll say he liked it! So did everyone else!

message 16: by Gertie (new)

Gertie Thanks!! Haha yup that's me. Now you can see where my nickname comes from. :-)

message 17: by Mikhail (new)

Mikhail Lerma My wife and I just recently read the first book and loved it! I'm anxious to finally read the whole series. And Gertie, your artwork compliments the story very well. And my wife agrees, she's a painter herself.

message 18: by Gertie (new)

Gertie Thanks Mikhail! If you liked book 1 you'll definitely enjoy the rest. I'm always recommending fans of Wool #1 just dive in and buy the omnibus rather than get all the sections separately - then again with the separate ones you do get more covers to look at. :-)

message 19: by Mikhail (new)

Mikhail Lerma You're welcome! We'll definitely be getting the bundle soon. I went ahead and gave your artwork a vote. Good luck!

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