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message 1: by Kay (last edited Oct 29, 2009 07:08AM) (new)

Kay Leslie,
I have just discovered Karen Kingsbury...where have I been? I read the book Redemption in 2 days and loved it and now waiting for Remember. The library's list is still long for her books!
I cried many times during this and loved all the emotions it left me with.
What are you favorite books of hers? I see you said you had to wait a while between,well I'm ready for those as well! : ) Please let me know which you think are best.

message 2: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Hi, Kay!

Yes, there were still some longer waits in between books from the library from time to time, BUT if you have just started reading Kingsbury, you have a lot of other choices, too!

She has several 2-book series, as well as some stand-alone titles. She has a website at www.karenkingsbury.com that has a list of her books. There are 4 different series that contain the Baxter family...so those are obviously better read in order. I don't think she has a book I wouldn't recommend, although some are obviously better than others.

This Side of Heaven had a good storyline, but I felt like it took too long setting up the story. The last book in the 9/11 series wasn't my favorite either -- but the first one was heart-wrenching. Like Dandelion Dust is really good. Oceans Apart was good.

I don't think you'll go wrong by any of her books.

Happy Reading!

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