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message 1: by Rsreplogle (new)

Rsreplogle I actually read these in high school. You're right, the quality of writing declined precipitously book after book - I think I stopped at Faith of the Fallen. Very addicting though.

message 2: by Joe (new)

Joe P Chainfire is the only worthwhile of the books after Soul of the Fire. The rest are, as you said,excuses to force feed his readers his right-wing Ayn Rand nonsense.I agree Goodkind at some point in the writing of the series made the decision that it was far more important to push objecticivism than it was to tell a good story. I feel it all went into the conservative crapper with Faith of the Fallen and never pulled out accept for Chainfire.

message 3: by Joe (new)

Joe P I also have come to realize Goodkind has actually ripped off Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time in some blatant ways.I love the first 4 books still. But I have come to like the TV version of the series more than the version presented in the last 6 books.

The UHQ Nasanta Interesting. I had the opposite response: stuck with The Wheel of Time and abandoned Goodkind after The Pillars of Creation. I am interested in picking it up again, though, since I did enjoy the first several books. I hope I can stick with it as you and others have.

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