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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian (first person omniscient) Picked it up today after reading your review and pretty much devoured it in one sitting... it was an extremely compelling read with many many avenues of thought to explore.

I found myself very much pulled in by the 'just mad enough' aspect of journalism as well as the Rachel North story.

Awesome find.

message 2: by Simeon (last edited Nov 06, 2011 04:29AM) (new)

Simeon I'm glad you liked it. It's rather frightening at times. I really hope this book wins the goodreads award for best nonfiction of 2011.

Mike (the Paladin) I'm just now reading the book, just started. But, I to noted the rather myopic choice of examples you use...Christians and and conservatives only huh? That attitude in itself is a bit frightening.

message 4: by Simeon (last edited May 29, 2012 06:15AM) (new)

Simeon The pictures in the review are one-sided because bible-thumping republicans tend to be a lot more flagrant in their pathology.

message 5: by Ananda (new)

Ananda It must be very comforting for you to tell yourself that. I take it then that if someone is not a "bible thumping republican", there is no reason to worry about their being a sociopath?

Mike (the Paladin) I left that alone. I find that (for example) the only time I hear about "hate" is not from conservatives or libertarians or Christians (real ones I mean) but from those who are telling me how full of hate I am. Mostly I sigh and walk away, closed minds are hard to open.

message 7: by Simeon (last edited Nov 05, 2012 11:12AM) (new)

Simeon Ananda wrote: "I take it then that if someone is not a "bible thumping republican", there is no reason to worry about their being a sociopath?"

Sure, it's just a lot harder to diagnose.

Mike (the Paladin) wrote: "conservatives or libertarians or Christians (real ones I mean)"

This is called a No True Scotsman Fallacy, or an attempt to retain an unreasoned generalization. Christian mythology is hardly a monolithic belief system.

message 8: by Leah (new)

Leah Cassari Wow! Your review was better than the book!

message 9: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Bragg I think you're describing my ex (minus the direct physical violence mostly), I was interested in the book, but I don't know if I can face it now. =/
Thanks for the heads up.

message 10: by LA (new)

LA You write very compellingly, but I didn't find the spoilers or see where you actually reviewed the book. I like your writing and would definitely read your book. I appreciate that you made Baron-Cohen's empathy test available. I'd never seen it before and was quite surprised by my results. Interesting to note, empathy quotient may be very independent from someone's proclivity to manipulate others and you need both to make a psychopath. I would welcome a dialogue with you should you ever be inclined.

message 11: by LA (new)

LA Simeon wrote: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

I truly did. I hope you will consider notifying me when your book is published (or if it has already).

message 12: by Allison (new)

Allison Great review . Right up my alley. I could talk about psychopaths and sociopaths forever

message 13: by Allison (new)

Allison In fact I did on a first date the other night and I think he thought it was a bit odd

message 14: by Kelly H. (Maybedog) (last edited May 31, 2013 04:14AM) (new)

Kelly H. (Maybedog) Excellent review. I read this book because I saw the Daily Show interview. I've been wanting to see it again, so thanks for posting it. It didn't work though. Try this one:

message 15: by Dallas (new)

Dallas Samson why would someone do that

message 16: by Shayna (new)

Shayna Sunderland Loved your review. Change praying to preying and it's perfect!

message 17: by Jess (new)

Jess castellanos lobaton loved yo read you. Awesome job you did here :) hope to hear more from you

message 18: by Jaime (new)

Jaime Great review.

message 19: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Excellent review.

message 20: by Marylori (new)

Marylori Rieth Your review immediately turned me off when I saw the images of right wing conservatives as if they are all psychopaths and possess no empathy or real feelings. How shallow and short sighted of you, as if the other side in their glee to expand government to the point that people no longer have individual choice, living on handouts, is somehow noble and loving. Get a life.

message 21: by Greg (new)

Greg Barnes This "review" is completely unrelated to the actual book that it is supposedly written about and also features a political slant... I wish I hadn't wasted my time reading it.

message 22: by Pat (new)

Pat Only right wing conservatives are psychopaths, huh? Then why are all the destructive riots and demonstrations, where shops and people's cars are destroyed, towns burned and roads blocked that prevented a man suffering a heart attack from getting to the hospital before he died performed by liberals who were temper-tantruming because their psychopathically lying presidential candidate (who has sold our uranium supply to the Russians, lied about why Benghazi was attacked, covered up a massive email scam, and defended her psycho husband's rapes and sexual exploits by saying it's a "vast, right wing conspiracy" - all without being investigated) lost the election? When was the last time you heard about a conservative riot destroying property, or the conservative media making jokes about a child being "knocked up" by an athlete just because her politician parent took her to a ball game? Nope, the psychopaths populate the liberal party more than the conservative party by a mile. The people who built bombs in the 60s to blow up servicemen to protest the Viet Nam War, the politicians who praised Pol Pot, the Viet Cong, Mao and Castro were LIBERALS, not conservatives. Your ignorance of history is appalling, but typical for a liberal. After the Donald Trump comment, I stopped reading, just scrolling down to see where your stupid interview was going, and I was right: just a weak review by a typical liberal whose hatred of Christians and conservatives fills a sick obsession to the point that everything is turned into a hateful, vitriolic political rant. Go get some professional help. You MIGHT be a psychopath if......

message 23: by Mo (new)

Mo Sun Republicans, bankers, CEOs of multinational corporations - how convenient and indeed predictable to label them as prone to Sociopathy.

But what about nurses, teachers, psychologists? Not so convenient, eh?

Well, I've had first hand experience of a psycholgist who gave me a text book demonstration of Sociopathic behaviour - her own - a truly toxic experience I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Now I can now spot a Sociopath a mile off. Thanks for that.

message 24: by Colton (new)

Colton I fail to see how this is a review of anything other than a reiteration of Psych 101 definitions. There are no references to why the book is good or bad, and why you believe it to be so.

message 25: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Zuckerman Pat it's interesting how you criticize him because he is a liberal who turns everything "into a hateful, vitriolic political rant." You would know...

message 26: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay How has no pointed out the fact that a psychopath (a true psychopath) is not even close to the same thing as a sociopath... The original "review" uses these two diagnoses interchangeably, and it's not only wrong it's dangerous. This is actually a disturbing (thankfully very old "review")... Weird

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