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Aly (Fantasy4eva) finished it? :)

message 2: by Dija (new)

Dija No not yet, Aly. Almost there, though. :D

message 3: by Davon (new)

Davon Sort of a let down isn't it?

message 4: by Dija (new)

Dija No, not at all! I actually ended up loving it, though a lot of my friends didn't. I'll read their reviews and see what they didn't like after I've finished writing my review. :)

Samina ~ Escapism~ These old quotes brought tears to my eyes.

message 6: by Hira (new)

Hira Samina ~ Escapism~ wrote: "These old quotes brought tears to my eyes."

Same with me, i got goosebumps reading them.

message 7: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana It is a very affecting book. It's been over a year since I read Mockingjay and I am still scared of it @.@

message 8: by Dija (new)

Dija @Samina and Hira: That's why I added them. The book is filled with quotable passages, but those few truly left an impact. :)

@Tatiana: I know what you mean. This is definitely one of the series you keep thinking about long after finishing it. Will you be re-reading the series in time for the movie?

message 9: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Yes, most likely I will. Probably after watching the movie. Books are almost always better than movies, so I want to give this movie a chance by not reading the book right before.

message 10: by Dija (new)

Dija Good point. I'm not sure I will have recovered from this series by March, and there's a good chance I'll still remember most of the story, so I'm hoping I won't have to re-read the series anytime soon. Do you like the actors they've cast for the characters?

message 11: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana I wasn't wild about the guys in the beginning, but I've grown to accept them. And I liked the actress cast as Katniss from the get-go. The most puzzling choice for me was Lenny Kravitz as Cena, but I am willing to go with it.

What about you?

message 12: by Laura (new)

Laura Love the Jensen picture! :) Love that man!
I am craving a re-read now!

message 13: by Dija (last edited Nov 01, 2011 08:02AM) (new)

Dija @Tatiana: I think Gale's actor is fitting, but I really really dislike Hutcherson for Peeta. He's nothing like I imagined Peeta. I'm slowly becoming used to the idea, but I still don't like it too much. And I love who they've cast for Katniss as well. The rest are okay, I'll have to see how well they act to decide whether or not they live up to their characters.

message 14: by Dija (new)

Dija @Laura: Oh, is that who the actor is? I had no idea, but now I absolutely must google him! ;)

message 15: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Awesome review!

message 16: by Jade (new)

Jade Wow! Awesome review. You pretty much hit point for point about what I thought about this book/series. Thank you.

message 17: by Dija (new)

Dija @Arlene: Thank you! :)

@Jade: Thanks. I'm so glad you agree. :D

Samina ~ Escapism~ Yeah I am not so keen on the actors myself.They will completely ruin my imagination.I will wait for the movies, if I hear good things then i will watch it or else I wont .

message 19: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer Dee you have to send me a message telling me what happens in the book. I don't want to read the book but I'm curious :p

message 20: by Dija (last edited Nov 03, 2011 06:08AM) (new)

Dija @Samina: That's precisely what I'm going to do as well. The reviews had better be off the charts for me to even consider replacing the perfect image of Peeta I have in my head with Hutcherson.

@Anzu: Noooo, you MUST read this book! I refuse to spoil it for you. And I'm sure you'll love it! It's much better than the second one.

message 21: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer I really don't wanna read it :D I'll Google it then :p

I already know some stuff that ruined it for me. A b*tch (ex b*tch for that matter) from my friends - I won't give names - doesn't know what f*cking spoilers are so she wrote that (view spoiler) so the book is gone for me.

message 22: by Dija (new)

Dija Aw, shit!!! That's the main thing that made me love this book so much! I can't believe somebody did that to you. :( But you should still read it, lots of other things happen too! I'm serious, just give it a try.

message 23: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer I really don't feel like it O.O

message 24: by Dija (new)

Dija I didn't either, at first, but it's a lot better than we were assuming at the end of CF.

message 25: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer Hmmmmm ok I'll add it pffff :p

message 26: by Dija (new)

Dija Read at least 3 chapters, okay?

Samina ~ Escapism~ Thats what happened with me during Twilight.I read the books but after I had seen the trailors for the movie.SO my imagination kept bringing me back for Rob Patz for Edward.Ruin the sodding book for me.

message 28: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer Why 3? She dies in chapter 3? =)))))

message 29: by Dija (new)

Dija @Samina: I know what you mean. I think that happened to me with Harry Potter and other great and popular series like that. That's why I avoid spoilers like the plague. I just see the first word in the title of a book I'm supposed to read sometime soon, and I instantly skip that update/status/comment/etc. etc.

@Anzu: 3 chapters simply because it should give you an idea of what the book's gonna be like, and if you don't wanna continue after that, I promise I'll give you a detailed recap on what happens. :D

message 30: by Anzu (last edited Nov 04, 2011 04:31AM) (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer Ok then Dee we have a deal! *shakes your hand*

I'll print this and make you sign it :p

message 31: by Dija (new)

Dija Nah, no need for that. I rarely make promises, but when I do, I always keep them. XD

message 32: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer I rarely drink tea, but when I do, your blood is in it

=))))))))) I couldn't help myself :p Too much time spent on Memebase

[image error]

It's really popular :))))

You can ignore me now O.O

message 33: by Dija (new)

Dija I might just do that. O_O

message 34: by Anzu (new)

Anzu The Great Destroyer O.O damn

message 35: by Jessica B (new)

Jessica B Beautiful review! It was like I re-lived the book all over again!!

message 36: by Dija (new)

Dija Thank you so much, Jessica! I love this series. :(

message 37: by Svetoslav (new)

Svetoslav Great review! Good to see that there are more people who "get it"! :P

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Where's That Donkey!

message 39: by Victor (new)

Victor Sanchez Agree completely

 Athena Ivashkova ~♥~ Btw, did you see who's going to play Finnick? He's sooo hot!

message 41: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Awesome review Dija! This book made me a bit sad also.

message 42: by Sarah 서라 (new)

Sarah 서라 I agree and I appreciate your not cursing...

message 43: by Feminista (new)

Feminista I am glad you liked it..

I was pretty disappointed with this one.

message 44: by Arfa (new)

Arfa Saleem it was heartbreaking. :(

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