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message 2: by White Witch (new)

White Witch totally agree!!!

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message 4: by Gwen (new)

Gwen Goodreads now says it's 544 pages! More Noah!!!

message 5: by Dr susan (new)

Dr susan It is so unfair when readers get an ARC and post a review 1 1/2 months in advance so they can watch the rest of us squirm in misery.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

this might sound like a silly question to some but what is ARC and were can i read this book(before i go crazy) 1 1/2 months before everyone else?!

message 7: by Dr susan (new)

Dr susan Heeheeheee...From a fellow squirmer, I believe an ARC is an advance reader copy and are usually sent to book bloggers and reviewers. So unfair!

message 8: by Anna (new)

Anna This was my first ARC ever and I won it from the publisher's giveaway :)

message 9: by Dr susan (new)

Dr susan You are so lucky! I have just started to try to win ARCs from giveaways, but I have not had time to really check for freebies. So I will continue my miserable squirming. :)

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa i won't an advanced copy to thats fair(squirming like a little girl).

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message 12: by Roslyn (new)

Roslyn Willoughby I want the second book nooow tooo. gimmie gimmie....

message 13: by Caroline (new)

Caroline My theory: Jamie's power is that he can tell people what to do. This is why when Jude grabbed his neck and he told him to let go, Jude did. Also Jamie probably had a hand in Anna's death without knowing. He tells Mara that he promptly told her to jump off a cliff, and then Anna drove off one.

Also I think Noah isn't dead. I think Dr. Kells is keeping Noah and Mara in separate locations and telling them that the other is dead in order to get information from them.

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