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message 1: by Leann (new)

Leann I'm going through all the reviews, reading them, because I just finished the book. I feel the exact same way as you. I had to force myself to finish. The moon chapter drove me crazy! I am a technical writer, so the more concise and to-the-point, the better, but I do enjoy poetic language. However, this was just not my thing. Glad I'm not the only one!

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol I liked her poetic style, but felt that the book went on too long. It was hard going for the last 50 pages or so, with the broken glass incident, the trip to Toronto and the trip to Paris. Maybe if she had stopped the narrative earlier?

message 3: by Jeanie (new)

Jeanie I am less than half way thru the book and I was very pulled into the part of being in a hurry and time. However, after reading your review I am concerned about the mystical part that you compared to Edlridge's book. I think its a book that you makes you think of thankfulness in a whole new light which I am all for.

message 4: by Ab (new)

Ab Her writing style was difficult to read, at times. It was a little "wordy". However, her descriptions of her losses and difficulties were poignant and touching. This book was a useful tool as I pulled myself out of depression. I've tried to practice thankfulness everyday. It's worked!

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