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message 1: by Simona (new)

Simona Bartolotta Il mio compagno di banco ce l'ha a morte con me perché me lo ha regalato per il compleanno ma non l'ho ancora letto. Ormai, mi sa che per quanto mi riguarda se ne parlerà in estate.

message 2: by Dan's (last edited Jan 27, 2013 09:31AM) (new)

Dan's Obsessions Woo I am just about to turn to C ilson's Outsider and continue on his critique on Alyosha- Ivan-Mytya (always forget that one! Lol had to look up his name)
Well that's an astonishing work U are trying to finish there. I do wonder if he is as fierce and driven with emotions as I first encountered him on his shorter novellas from his own heroes narrative style. Btw can U hear the author's voice speaking out from Ivan, or is this perhaps an oversimplification of sorts for his work.
Anywayz Hope U can translate or read English with ease I know how most of U Italians are like!! ') cheers go back and enjoy the rest of yr book

message 3: by Chiara (new)

Chiara Pagliochini I do appreciate your encouragment. Reading this novel is one of the most exciting experiences in my life. I believe it's going to change my weltanschauung.

message 4: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Che una bella recensione del libro! Grazie!

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