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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I'm so annoyed this book doesn't exist in ebook form.

message 2: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Seriously! But thanks to a tip from Noelle, I got the hardcover for $6 today on Amazon.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I keep thinking I should get it from the library, but I just find paper annoying--I can't adjust the font size and formatting to meet my super-picky standards. (Clearly, I am insane.)

message 4: by Maggie (new)

Maggie I'm jealous of the Portland library. LAPL doesn't even have this book in its system.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Libraries in Oregon kick quite a bit of ass.

message 6: by Noelle (new)

Noelle Seriously. Seriously?! What the hell was she thinking. You'd think there'd be SOMEONE in the editing/publishing process that would have kiboshed that crap.

message 7: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Noelle. I had to stop myself from just copying and pasting this GIF 5x as my review:

Okay, maybe this GIF too:

message 8: by Noelle (new)

Noelle YES. But now I feel like that first gif is talking to me directly since I too bought the Amazon bargain book of this and it is sitting on my bookshelf. That's $6 I could have spent toward tracking down Ruby Oliver figurine hardcovers!

message 9: by Sarah (new)

Sarah You actually finished it? I'm kind of impressed!

message 10: by Amy (new)

Amy More creepy: the people who gave such a story 4-5 stars, not to mention their even more creepy enthusiastic reviews. Thanks for the review Maggie. I will avoid this one.

message 11: by Camille (new)

Camille Thanks...avoiding this one. Wasn't terribly keen, then throw racist humour into the mix...I'll pass.

message 12: by Kim (new)

Kim Fortin Just saw your review of this as I clicked to see if this book was any good. Won't be reading this racist book OR this author EVER but will be following your reviews. I mean, how can I not? You have Parker Posey as your avatar (Is it a still from Party Girl?) :)

message 13: by Maria (new)

Maria Hey guys, if it helps, I've met this author, and she now uses this part of her book to teach others not to do this. It's something that happened to her in real life, and she didn't realize at the time that just because it happened in real life doesn't mean it wasn't adding to a narrative about PoC that perpetuates stereotypes in the media where PoC already don't get representation as multifaceted individuals instead of one-dimensional joke devices. I know it sucks to see this, but I think it was really brave of her to point this out in her book and admit she was wrong. I have a lot of respect for her and adore this author.

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