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message 1: by Thida (new)

Thida I've just finished it but I skipped some or nearly half of the chapters because I got bored. It's like the author wants to say many things but she doesn't want to say what happened to each main character she has introduced.

When I think about her last book, I only remember the lavender fields. I think I will only remember the handmade weaving when I think about this book in the future.

message 2: by Ye Lin Aung (new)

Ye Lin Aung Exactly! Honestly, I feel the same for her previous book. Her work after Thu Min Ko Bal Taut Mha were not very good (to me, at least)

message 3: by Theingi (new)

Theingi Lynn Agree with you on how it ended. A new character popped up at last two chapters and ended so fast.

message 4: by May (new)

May San Aung Totally agree! Why did she make us suffer like this??😢
There are still lots of gaps to fill!

Hnin Set Phyu It needs more closure! Phyu phyu lwin and nyi han moe's story was totally random and whybis Phoe Khwar even in there. Except for shin loon's story, the other ones feel like they were ended randomly.

message 6: by Shwe HninSi (new)

Shwe HninSi I just finished the book and I gave the same feeling. I was like where in the world that “ Mya Kay Mon “ came from and I didn’t get closures.

message 7: by Ye Lin Aung (new)

Ye Lin Aung I guess we just gotta continue reading her future books, with the hope that one of them might turn out to be good :)

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