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message 1: by Kara (new)

Kara lol. Yeah, I never picked this one up, largely based on reviews. (Really like the Bartimaeus books though!)

Mike (the Paladin) In a way he has the same theme(s) here. BUT where he handled them with a scalpel in the Bartimaeus books here he used a chain saw. The "kid" doesn't learn to think at all...oops close to a spoiler there. I guess I said it in the review LOL.

message 3: by Mary JL (new)

Mary JL Thanks for the warning. My TBR pile is so huge anything under 3 stars has a poor chance!

Mike (the Paladin) I had "fairly" high hopes for this one. I was "fairly" disappointed. Maybe just me...but I really didn't like it.

Mike (the Paladin) Oh man the typos I found when I looked back at this one...ouch. Thanks for bringing my attention back to it Werner.

message 6: by Werner (new)

Werner Glad to help, Mike! :-)

message 7: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Thanks for the heads up on this story. In to the "don't bother pile" it goes.

message 8: by Brynn (new)

Brynn It doesn't even sound like you read the book! What do you mean about all that? There was nothing of 'brainwashing' or 'youth indoctrination' in it. It's a good story about vikings, and nothing more.

Mike (the Paladin) ...yes I read the book. Did you read the review? I answered your question. The entire book was pure indoctrination.

message 10: by Brynn (last edited Nov 18, 2012 07:12AM) (new)

Brynn Can you explain how? And you never once made any reference to what actually happens in the book, so I'm sorry if it seems like you never read it.

Mike (the Paladin) Actually I did. Did you read the spoiler? I mentioned the situations where over and over the protagonist "leans on" what he's been told about "honor" and the "heroes". I'll put the comment under a spoiler in case someone reading this hasn't read the book.

(view spoiler)

I mentioned that tastes vary and many like this book. I don't and the book bugs me a bit, but that's me. Everyone's taste is their own. Enjoy.

message 12: by Brynn (new)

Brynn That's reasonable. I apologize for being so annoyed, I just couldn't understand what you meant. I did like the ending, though, and how it showed that all the so-called heroes were not as great as they were made out to be.

message 13: by Mike (the Paladin) (last edited Nov 18, 2012 09:26PM) (new)

Mike (the Paladin) It's okay when I give a negative review I often get comments from people who like or even love the book. Tastes differ.

If you read my review I said in it that had the book only told a story where the heroes were "merely human" people with the proverbial feet of clay it wouldn't have been so bad. (though I really didn't care for how this one was written) but the book sets out to teach that the people "we" look up to are "evil". It wasn't that they weren't perfect, they were evil. It sets up a story where all the teachers, the older generation and even the young people's own parents are lying to them.

So, I didn't care for the writing and the book really annoyed me.

I did like Stroud's other books the Bartimaeus trilogy. I thought they were original and well written. So...difference in taste among other things. Don't worry about it. You won't agree with everyone about every book. One way these reviews help is if you read a lot of reviews by some of the same people and learn if you usually agree or usually disagree. That can give you an idea about a book. If you read a lot of my reviews and disagree with most of them...then you try the books I don't like. LOL. Of course it may not be that easy it will probably be a mixed bag. Try several people's reviews about a given book. :)

message 14: by Birte (new)

Birte Oh my god... Thank you for this spoiler! I started reading it when it was published in Germany and was full of anticipation but soon after I started I got really really bored. Closed it after 1/3 and never touched it again. But always had the thought "Maybe the ending is good?" But thanks to you I now know it was a good decision to not waste more of my time with this book! :D

Mike (the Paladin) * Ducks head...kicks foot...looks humble *


message 16: by Birte (new)

Birte Mike (the Paladin) wrote: "* Ducks head...kicks foot...looks humble *


You are very welcome!!! :)

message 17: by Sonja (new)

Sonja Bonds I tried twice, cannot finish this book!

message 18: by Carmen (new)

Carmen Great review.

Mike (the Paladin) I actually wrote it a while back. My attention was drawn back to it and there was a typo.


message 20: by Ireine (new)

Ireine Roosdy Couldn't agree more... I bought this book 2 years ago, started reading, got bored, tried to start again and continue last year and got bored again, and just find the courage and determination to finish this book this year, simply because I have nothing else to read on my shelf. LOL

Mike (the Paladin) Yeah...I disliked it so I thought I'd better finish it to give it a chance, LOL.

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