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message 1: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony Good review, Val! Watching the show after reading Kitchen Confidential is kind of fun because he cross-references back and forth a lot. Don't forget, by the way, the new season starts next week...

message 2: by Valerie (new)

Valerie I don't get to watch No Reservations as much as I'd like, but I'll definitely try to keep up with the new episodes. Thanks for the heads-up!

message 3: by Kim (last edited Jul 02, 2008 06:41AM) (new)

Kim I wish I could cook.. :(

Great review, Val!

message 4: by Shelly (new)

Shelly I'm not a home chef. As I like to say, I can fuck up spaghetti. So I wasn't really into the section where he talks about "must haves" for the home kitchen either, just for different reasons.
I picked up the book not b/c I'm a foodie so much as I really like Bourdain. I, too, like his writing style and enjoyed the personal parts best. And you're right about the timing w/ the book. I read it this year and thanks to the popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs the whole shock value/expose thing was pretty much nil.
I also read it right after I read Devil In The Kitchen by Marco Pierre White, and his experience makes Bourdain look like a line cook at Houston's, so I was kind of underwhelmed by his achievements, and skeptical of his authority.
That being said. It's a good read. Bourdain can really write, and I like his p.o.v.--
I'll shut up now, but first let me say great review!

message 5: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Thanks, Shelly. Would you recommend Devil in the Kitchen? I've never heard of that...

message 6: by Shelly (new)

Shelly I would recommend it, yes. I read it for a book club I'm in and although I enjoyed it, a few of the girls thought Marco was an ego-maniacal a-hole.
But bravado doesn't bother me if it can be backed up.
It was less food and more drama than KC, maybe that's why I liked it so much.
There's a cooking show on BBC called "Last Restaurant Standing," and I think White is going to host the American version coming soon to Bravo or NBC (?). He's a character, you should check him out.

Books Ring Mah Bell excellent review, Valerie!

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