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message 1: by Travis (last edited Nov 20, 2018 08:37AM) (new)

Travis New to the group? Tell us about yourself. Are you an author? Aspiring? What is your latest book and do you have anything in the works? Don't forget to add your latest book(s) to the group's Bookshelf (

message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex Martin Hi my name's Alex Martin. I write here I've got 5 books out there, one permafree called Daffodils set in WW1 Daffodils with two sequels that aren't! I have always loved to write and as I have no patience I tried self publication a few years ago and I've never looked back.
Great to meet other brave and creative souls here

message 3: by Keith (new)

Keith Nixon Hi I'm Keith Nixon, UK based indie. My 11th novel is about to be published. I write crime, humour and hist fic. I've had two book deals previously but bought overnights back

message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Dudley-Penn Hi! My name Amanda K. Dudley-Penn. I am an multi-genre indie author with 17 books published. I write paranormal, paranormal romance, suspense romance, dystopian and historical paranormal. I will be writing erotic romance under the name Aimee Corday next year.

New Apple Literary Services Welcome to the group! Feel free to post at will, make your own discussions and ask questions!

message 6: by D.H. (new)

D.H. Nevins Hey everyone! I write under D.H. Nevins, but just call me Danielle. I published my second dystopian novel earlier this year and I have three other manuscripts in the works. I'm in Canada and I'm already sick of shoveling snow.

message 7: by Linzé (new)

Linzé Brandon Hi everyone! Linzé Brandon is my pen name, and presently I am working on getting number 23 edited and published in January. I write fantasy romance, sci-fi, and non-fiction. Novels and shorter fiction in that mix. Happy to be in the group.

message 8: by Mladen (new)

Mladen R. Hi everybody, Mladen here. I write erotic romance under a secret pen-name, making money now so I can afford proper editing and covers for my sci-fi which I am struggling to finish. I love reading and writing sci-fi but many times I find myself almost incapable of writing it. Glad to have found this group :)

message 9: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Tideswell Hi everyone. My name is Maggie Tideswell, and I'm a bestselling South African author of six published ghostly romance novels, with 7 others waiting their turn to see the light. I'm currently building my list and would appreciate you subscribing in exchange for a free, full-length novel, the Prequel in a series, titled A Convenient Marriage. Go here to get your free download:
A short review would also be greatly appreciated.

message 10: by Seb (last edited Nov 18, 2018 07:27AM) (new)

Seb Hi! I’m Seb Kirby. Thanks for the invitation to join. I already recognise a few here (Hi, Alex! Hi, Elyse!) and hope to get to know everyone more. I write thrillers. I’m currently working on my eighth title. A full listing of my books is avalailable here:

message 11: by MaryAnn (new)

MaryAnn Bernal Hi - I'm Mary Ann Bernal - thank you for the invitation. I've self-published 14 titles in a variety of genres. You can check out my work at Am happy to be part of this group.

message 12: by Nicky (new)

Nicky Moxey Hi guys! I'm Nicky; I write and self-pub histfic and children's fantasy. I've had 3 or 4 short stories trad published too. and

message 13: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Welwood Hello, everyone! I bring you greetings from Children's Storyland, where I write picture books for children. I started with newspaper and magazine articles, and edited a business magazine and a Writer's Digest award-winning non-fiction book....And then my grandchildren started asking for stories! In addition to writing and marketing my books for children, I edit and proofread children's books and adult non-fiction (short pieces only). Scissortown Life Application Marie and Mr. Bee Little Bunny's Own Storybook

message 14: by Tim (new)

Tim Young Hello, hello. Wow. Everyone in this introduction page sounds so well established. Glad to hear it. I'm Tim Young. Thanks for the invite. I totally support the self publishing idea. I'm a child of the DIY. I release my own music and have since 1984. I began writing long form fiction early in the 2000's.
I have three books waiting to see light. My most recent title, Tony's Juke Box Blues, is in the middle of rewrites and editing. I'm so looking forward to when it will be ready for me to publish it.
My other writing is songs, words & music, and I perform them regularly. If you'd like, you can stream my music at,
So glad to be here!

message 15: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Alaspa Hello, I'm Bryan Alaspa. I am the author of more than 40 books and novels. You can find my website at or see all of my work at my Amazon Author page here:

I write thrillers, horror, detective stories. Usually, I write about the darker things in life.

message 16: by Bacil (new)

Bacil Hello! My name is Bacil Donovan Warren, thank you for the invite! I've just self-published my first novel, Universus Respondet: Fermi's Paradox Answered—a Novel and I also self-published a chap book of poetry (Hooray for Pain!: Poetry and Prose about Embracing Life's Difficulty in Order to Overcome It.) as well as my memoirs of Desert Shield & Desert Storm (With It or In It: Desert Shield and Desert Storm from the Loader's Hatch). My website is .

For Universus Respondet, I documented the process I used to produce the paperback (Scrivener->In Design), and I'm planning on putting up a blog series that I hope will make that workflow easier for others.

Thank you for inviting me, and I am looking forward to both learning and contributing!

message 17: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson Hello everyone. I'm Alex. Right now I've got ten publications (two of which are short story collaborations with other authors), and I'm working on four projects due between December 10th this year to October 30th next year. I just finished and published my tenth, a horror novella called She Watches Me Bury Her. At the current moment I'm focusing on two projects, both halves of the third volume in my series, The Final Apocalypse Saga (for those who are curious:

Normally I write within the darker realms of fiction--action, sci-fi, horror, dark comedy, and occasionally, romance. Currently working on getting paperbacks sorted with Lulu (formatting has proven to be a real doozy).

I appreciate the invitation. Thank you all.

message 18: by R.P. (new)

R.P. Dahlke RP Dahlke, I write the Dead Red Mystery series, and a couple of romantic suspense books,.
I'm a member of Sisters in Crime, national and Press. of Tucson chapter.
I've been on Amazon KDP since 2011, but this year seeing my KU's going down..and down. Waffling over whether to go wide in 2019

message 19: by Eeva (last edited Nov 20, 2018 08:18AM) (new)

Eeva Lancaster Thanks for the invitation!
I'm Eeva Lancaster, Editor, Book Designer, Book Manager and every other title that has book in it. :) I own the Author Services site, THE BOOK KHALEESI and the author of BEING INDIE.

Need some help with your book? Promotion? Marketing? Graphic Design? We have affordable solutions and expertise.
Come visit.
Have questions? email

Happy writing, everyone!

message 20: by Peter (new)

Peter Rendell Honeysuckle Pear
Thanks for the invitation. I have been around since 2010, making all the mistakes. My latest release is Merlin Parnassus hopefully, not a mistake.
I look forward to developing with the group.

message 21: by Donna (new)

Donna L L. Hi everyone!

I consider myself a hybrid author as I have some books traditionally published as well as my latest book, LUNADAR: Homeward Bound, as my first venture into indie publishing. I am also an editor/publisher at Story Catcher Publishing ( I write children's picture books, historical fiction chapter books, flash fiction, inspirational essays, and young adult fantasy & mystery. I am the host of both BOOK NOOK REVIEWS where I review books, and WRITERLY WISDOM where I share posts written by myself and several of my author, editor, agent, publisher friends about the wonderfully frantic world of writing. My blog is read in over 20 countries and I try to help other authors whenever I can. We're not in this alone!

Good luck on everyone's publishing journey...

Take care,

Donna L Martin

message 22: by Cybill (new)

Cybill Cain Thank you for the invite! :)
I'm Cybill Cain. I currently have seven steamy romance novels out in my series the Chimera Club Stories. It's a combination of romantic suspense, action and adventure. I'm launching a new PNR series in December, and a literary release is upcoming in 2019. I've been self-publishing for just over a year. Feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have. --Cybill

message 23: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Brinker Hello Everyone!
Thank you for the invite to the group. My name is Aaron Brinker. All of my stories (4 for the time being & a 5th in the works) can be found on Amazon. I also have a book review blog at I write Historical Fiction, Horror, Thriller, and Fantasy for the time being. I am planning to expand into other genres in the future.
The blurbs to all of my stories can be found on the homepage of my website.

Thank you again,
Aaron D. Brinker

message 24: by Gary (new)

Gary Henson Hello!
Thank you for the invite!
My name is Gary Alan Henson. I add the 'Alan' only because there are several other 'Gary Henson' authors out there. ;-)
I'm writing pretty much full time now that I've retired from commercial software development. I've been writing after work and weekends for years.
I have 7 books via the KDP Amazon program and the B&N NookPress program.
I'm working on several short stories currently that I hope to sell to Analog, Asimov or some other SciFi/Fantasy magazine.
I have a writer's blog at with links to my books, some Texas Haikus, prose and other conversations. Stop by and chat!
I hope to talk to all of you and trade ideas on how to be better authors and promoters.
Have a great week!

message 25: by Hollie (new)

Hollie Marsh Hello!

My name is Hollie, I am an Aussie living in Barcelona. I self published my first book in May , originally written for middle grade readers, however younger YA and adults also seem to be liking it. I am very much learning how everything works and trialing different things, some with more success than others. I am now writing the second book in the series and contemplating an adult book. Looking forward to being in this group ( :

message 26: by Crit (new)

Crit Kincaid Hello, my name is Crit Kincaid and I wrote the indie published A Wounded World. Recently Winner of the fiction prize in the 2018 Legacy Book Fest. I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ, and a graduate of the University of Arizona where I studied theater, film and finally creative writing. After 25 years of living and working to survive in A Work Day World, where there are no more patrons for artists ,I finally found his voice again and my debut novel, A Wounded World is that shout in the wilderness.

message 27: by Gigi (new)

Gigi Sedlmayer Hi, my name Gigi Sedlmayer and i am the author of the Talon book series for all ages, from the young, parents can read to them my books, until 99 or older. Families.
I have published up to now 5 books, re-writing at the sixth, started with the seventh.
I have earned some Awards, with the first book with
The first book also won "SILVER" with "READERS FAVORITE"
the fifth book won a price with "NEW APPLE"
and several others. And mostly 5 star review, from READERS FAVORITE as well.
Like to check them out?

message 28: by H.E. (new)

H.E. Bulstrode Hello everyone,

I’m H.E. Bulstrode, a UK-based author who writes ghost stories, historical and uncanny fiction, usually shot through with a distinct vein of dry humour. I have just published my thirteenth Kindle book, and fourth paperback: Old Crotchet’s Return a high-spirited romp of a ghost story set in 1920s England. All of my books can be viewed on Amazon via the following link: I am currently hard at work on what was intended to be my first book, but which will be my fourteenth: a tale of mystery, abduction and deception set in seventeenth-century Cornwall, with a strong supernatural element.

message 29: by Suz (new)

Suz Greetings.

Currently I'm working with a couple of new indie authors. We are all learning how to do the self-publishing thing together. I haven't written anything yet, although I hope to do so. I am pretty good with tech and have an older degree in Graphic Design, so my friends are writing and I'm helping with the layouts, graphics, and such.

message 30: by H.A. (new)

H.A. Dawson G'day everyone I am a British writer and possibly an author! I have been creating stories for over 11 years and in that time written 30 books all character based psychological suspense/thrillers. They are not police procedurals, however I do introduce private investigators in some of my series as they create some intriguing dilemmas. I draw on emotive social issues as a backdrop to these stories. I'm not making any claims about my work. I think I should have some experience after 3 million edited words. I have been removing much of my material from most book vendors I believe the quantity may provide the wrong attitude to my work. I have written a further 4 novels this year. All my books get revised every 2 years. Phew! I shall never rely on Amazon. My website is undergoing a redesign in order to provide some audio story samples. Love to here from authors willing to team up.

message 31: by Angelica (new)

Angelica Hi my pen name is Angelica Kate, and I write primarily contemporary romance but have dabbled in the science fiction genre from time to time. I have just published yesterday my 27th novella length book (47K words) to Amazon, and love writing as an outlet and passion work of my life. Love meeting others following their dreams with the written word.

message 32: by Peter (new)

Peter Rendell Honeysuckle Pear
H.A. wrote: "G'day everyone I am a British writer and possibly an author! I have been creating stories for over 11 years and in that time written 30 books all character-based psychological suspense/thrillers. T..."

I am open to some bartering. Have a look at my website and profile. If you like what you see then get in touch.

message 33: by C.J. (new)

C.J. Shane Hello All!
My name is C.J. Shane (everyone calls me Shane) and I live in the American Southwest (Arizona). I'm both a visual artist and writer. My first 6 books were published by a traditional publisher. Then I went indie and published four more books, both fiction (mystery-suspense) and nonfiction. The most recent fiction, another Letty Valdez Mystery, was uploaded at 7 pm last night! I'll announce it as soon as it becomes available.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

message 34: by Evan (new)

Evan Hello everyone. Thanks for the invite. I'm Evan and I write mainly romance/romantic suspense.

message 35: by H.E. (new)

H.E. Wilburson Hi everyone,
Thanks for the invitation to the group. I am from the UK, soon to publish my second book - part of my audio drama trilogy sequel to The War Of The Worlds by HG Wells. I compose and produce music as well as this newish writing career and felt compelled to create this sequel as no one else had done so. I have incorporated my own original music into the production along with sound effects. More on that on my website here I recognise a couple of names in this group from Twitter where I enjoy connecting with other writers and creative people @martiandiaries Looking forward to sharing the writing journey with others here.

message 36: by Karen (new)

Karen Clarke Hi All, many thanks for the invitation, it's a lonely world for self-published authors! I was born and raised in the UK but spent 8 years in West Africa and now live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I am a life-coach, NLP trainer, speaker and author. I have written one book entitled 'From Bullied to Brilliant - How to Artfully Avoid Fitting' which is a guide to understanding and moving beyond bullying and abusive relationships with love, tolerance, compassion and a hint of humour. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. It's very nice to meet you. :-) From Bullied to Brilliant: How to Artfully Avoid Fitting in

message 37: by Maria (new)

Maria Vermisoglou Hello! Thank you for inviting me to the group. My name is Maria and I'm an Indie author with one book currently published and I have planned 3 for the new year!
I'm from Greece and I started writing 4 years ago. If you need to know more about me feel free to scroll here and my book is available here:
It's nice to meet you, all! :D

message 38: by Owen (new)

Owen Mullen Hi everyone...thank you for the invite. I'm a Scot who spends most of his time in Crete writing crime fiction. I have 5 books published and my debut novel Games People Play was Long-listed for the McIlvanney Crime Book Of The Year. My latest novel In Harm's Way is a psychological thriller which tells the story of Mackenzie Crawford who gets abducted just yards from her home. But no one knows she is missing so how can anyone save her?

message 39: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Hallbrooks Howdy Y'all.

I'm Lynn Hallbrooks. I lived many years in Texas and currently, I'm in Colorado with a friend. That's a long story and perhaps one day I'll write about it.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the experience in here. I've been a self-published/Indie author since 2011 and have seen many of you around social media. I started with my writing/business partner, David McKoy. Together we did the Call Sign: Wrecking Crew series. David passed away earlier this year but his wife was kind enough to allow me to continue sharing the series.

I've written a non-fiction book and helped compile a book of quotations for Israel O. Okundaye, a native Nigerian. The book happens to be on sale. I'll post it in the book section.

I founded Call Sign Wrecking Crew, LLC - - and recently started another website, Author Reader Cheerleader - - in order to provide tips and tricks for authors and readers. I'm sure many of you are not in need of them but if you want to take a look and possibly share with others, I'd be honored.

Thanks so much for the invitation. I have a busy schedule, among the things I have going on are a couple more nonfiction books in the work plus a collection of short stories.

message 40: by M.D. (new)

M.D. Fryson Hi, I am MD Fryson and I write Paranormal Fantasy. Just two books out, latest 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven'. I just finished the third book to the series which goes to the editor soon and I am halfway finished with the fourth and last book the series. I have already outlined the next series. I am a mom to three boys, so I stay busy with family, I love music, and of course to read. Seems a challenge to get that in these days. :) I write for escape!

message 41: by Kristen (last edited Nov 23, 2018 06:11PM) (new)

Kristen Jackson Hi! Thanks for inviting me to join the group. I'm a new indie author. My first book, a YA urban fantasy called KEEPER OF THE WATCH, released 2/1/18. I am anticipating the upcoming spring 2019 release of my first children's picture book, JOCELYN'S BOX OF SOCKS.
I've lived in Pennsylvania all my life. I'm married with two grown sons, and I've been teaching in different capacities for many years. I'm also a blogger here:
Nice to meet you!

message 42: by Jenna (new)

Jenna van Berke Hey,
I’m Jenna and I write mainly romance/romantic suspense. I’ve published two books so far and am working currently on my third, part of a romantic suspense series of standalones set in Finland.
Thanks for the invite and nice to meet you all!

message 43: by C.S. (new)

C.S. Simpson Hi, I’m CS and I just published my first story last month, in October 2018. It’s an book-only fable but my next project is something different - a fantasy/mystery? I’m not sure how to label it...

Thanks for the invite and I look forward to getting to know everyone!

message 44: by Michael (last edited Nov 24, 2018 03:34PM) (new)

Michael P. Dunn Hail and well met!

I'm Michael, and I've self-published eight books, three collections and five novellas, getting ready to publish the ninth novella. I write mostly science fiction, focusing more on characters then technology. You can find the books on my Amazon page -

I hope to one day grow up to be Tom Servo.

message 45: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Hi, I'm Sharon Marchisello. I have one traditionally published novel (Going Home, Sunbury Press, 2014) and just self-published a self-help book about personal finance. It's called Live Well, Grow Wealth and would make a great gift for a new graduate or anyone who wants to get back on the right track financially.

message 46: by J.N. (new)

J.N. Bedout Hi and thanks for the invite!

I've written 3 books so far and am currently finishing my 4th. The current books are:

The Legend of Sithalkaan
Tears of the Kensei
Master of Heaven

The 4th book will conclude this epic historical fantasy series.

I already have another series idea marinating, so I'll be busy for a while,

I look forward to future discussions in this group!

message 47: by Melina (new)

Melina Druga Hello, Everyone,

My name is Melina Druga. I'm an author, freelance journalist, and history enthusiast. My focus is on the period 1890-1920 with a particular interest in WW1 and how the war changed the lives of ordinary people. I blog mostly about history on my website with the goal of educating those who know little or nothing about the topic. Recently, I began reviewing historical fiction novels and in January I’m starting an author interview series.

My published books:

A Tale of Two Nations
Enterprising Women: Practical Advice for First Time Entrepreneurs
Enterprising Women: A Practical Guide to Starting Your First Business

I have two works in progress: an historical fiction novel and my next nonfiction history book.

I look forward to meeting everyone.

message 48: by Stevie (last edited Nov 28, 2018 06:30AM) (new)

Stevie Turner Hi all, I'm Stevie Turner. I'm a multi-genre author, writing humorous novels, suspense, and family relationship dramas. I'm currently working on a paranormal romance book. Thanks to New Apple for inviting me.

message 49: by Robin (new)

Robin Murphy Hello everyone,

My name is Robin Murphy. I'm an Amazon best selling author of a paranormal mystery series with 5 books traditionally published, and then self-published. I have a chick-lit, which was seen on ABC, NBC, & FOX and was nominated one of the best indie books of 2016 that includes suspense, humor, and romance. And a non-fiction book titled, A Complete How To Guide for Rookie Writers.Point and Shoot for Your Life

If you need any guidance, tips, book covers for sale, you can visit:

Thanks for the invite!

message 50: by Peter (new)

Peter Thompson Hello Everyone. My name is Peter Thompson, and I've published two books traditionally, many years apart. I am about to start my self-publishing career. I have three thrillers completed and my plan is to release the first right after Christmas, and the others 30 days apart. I've also just started a series, and hope to have more finished soon.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing more about all of you.

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