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Laurel Friday

Good morning!

My last day to host, so I thought it might be fun to have a LITERARY ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.

Do you have a person in your family history, or an object around your house that has always intrigued you? A great-great uncle who was a train robber? A great grandmother who was a trapeze artist? A stash of letters or an old portrait or an old inscribed pocket watch? Have you ever thought any of these people or things might inspire a good American historical novel? Now’s the time to bring them to light!

The portrait I’ve posted (see it in AHN on FB) is of my fourth great-grandfather. What I know is that his name was William Burr, that he was a merchant in Providence, Rhode Island and that he died a few years after this was painted. What did he sell? Who did he know? What did he die of? I really have to do more research….

And as for THE VELVETEEN DAUGHTER, it was an antique of sorts—a childhood book of mine over 50 years old—that inspired me to write my novel. The book was BEGINNING WITH A, written and illustrated by Pamela Bianco. I idly Googled her name one day over ten years ago to see if she had written any other books, and…the rest is American history!!

Can’t wait to hear about your family and/or your treasures!!

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