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E.M. Swift-Hook The review group is the most successful group for peer reviews on goodreads. It hosts non-reciprocal reading/review rounds of ten authors with a variety of themes and genres, as well as ‘general’ rounds where any book is permitted, from non-fiction, to horror. When a round has ‘now forming’ in the title, there are places available, you can sign up. If it doesn’t, it’s full – look for another round or check back another time.

The Amazon rules state that authors/publishers are not allowed to specifically supply published books in return for reviews on Amazon. To comply with this rule, we don’t insist members review on Amazon, but we do insist that every participant in the round has the capacity to leave a review on their local Amazon store, so we all start with the same options.

The founding principle of the group is honest, non-reciprocal reviews, so please help maintain the integrity of the group by letting me know as you sign up if you have been reviewed by, or have reviewed another author in the group and do check back as the group fills to report any clashes. Usually places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

This is a General round
All books welcome - fiction/non-fiction.

Now for the boring stuff, but please read it, it saves a lot of time if everyone is on the same wavelength.
Before signing up below with your Goodreads author and Goodreads book link in the thread below, please ensure that:

1. You have enough time to read and review 4 books within the 12 weeks of time allowed.

2. Your book is currently available for sale on Amazon (not pre-order) and it complies with the individual round theme, if there is one.

3. Your book is fit to be reviewed.
If it is not, due to editing or other issues, you risk poor reviews. This is your problem, not that of the reviewers or the groups. For a small fee, the group admin will look at the first few pages of your book to advise. The number one error new authors make is not having their book beta read and edited, by non-family members.

4. You can submit reviews to Goodreads and Amazon.
Amazon allows only those people who have spent $50 in the last year to leave reviews in each of their stores. If you are unsure about your Amazon reviewer status, try posting a ‘test’ review before signing up. If you are unable to post reviews on Amazon, please do not sign up.

5. You can provide (and accept) at least PDF files.
You are not expected or required to buy the books you are allocated to review, but as this will give a ‘Verified Purchase’ review on Amazon, it is welcomed when you choose to do so. Many authors have books available via KU and others might provide smashwords coupons. Most authors can provide mobi and/or epub files directly by email. Please note: International Copyright laws apply. You cannot sell, or give away material you have received without the author’s express permission.

6. You have completed your reading if you are currently in another review round in this group. You can be involved in the ‘one for one’ list whilst you are in a round.

7. You have an author profile set up before you join.

8. Your Goodreads profile allows people to message you, i.e. your profile is not set to private.

9. You declare any relationship you have with another member in the round.
Amazon will not allow reviews from the same household on the same book or if you are an editor, relative or close friend of another member.

10. You agree that your reviews will be unbiased and honest, whatever the star rating, and you will try to avoid ‘spoilers’. i.e. giving away the finale of a book.

11. You will not ask a fellow author to change a review of your book because you don’t agree with it.
If you think you have a legitimate concern, talk to the mod of your round, NOT the other author. Personal attacks, or pressurising other members WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will result in you being blacklisted.

Please note:
The review guidelines do not allow for free books to be supplied in return for reviews. Therefore, you are not obliged to review on Amazon, just on Goodreads. We all want reviews, its why we joined the group. It is bad taste to expect other people to review your book and then not do the same for other people in the group. People that DNF and/or don’t post reviews will find it difficult to get into a subsequent group.

It is not necessary to leave any kind of disclaimer in your review, but ultimately, it is up to individuals. Reviews that state you received a copy ‘in return’ for a review will probably be removed/not allowed by ‘I received a free copy from the author without an obligation to review’ would be more acceptable if you feel the need to add a disclaimer.

Your Goodreads details and the rounds you participate in may be recorded by the admin mod on a database. We do not retain details of email addresses etc.

Allocation is entirely random and there will NOT be any rearranging of the listing to accommodate personal preference. The ONLY circumstance in which you may duck out of giving a review is if YOU provide a stand-in reviewer.

The only way this group can function is if we trust each other to behave honourably. And it IS perfectly possible to give a fair-minded review of a text that does not coincide with our normal choice of reading matter. If you need a few hints/tips, please see this thread:

I will do my best to fit everyone into the group they request, but occasionally, particularly in the case of our more prolific good standing members, I may have to decline a member request to fit the maximum number of people into a particular round. I will always endeavour to start another round as soon as possible with that member in mind.

It is permissible to review an author more than once if a different book is available.
If you need anything clarified please ask, either by Goodreads personal message to me or on the thread below, before signing up. It’s a pain to have to keep rearranging the list because people haven’t read the above.

Your group moderator will be:
E.M. Swift-Hook

Member Links
1. S.L. Shelton
2. Jolene Grace
3. Stjepan Varesevac Cobets
4. Aderonke Moyinlorun
5. Cameron MacDonald
6. Trish Butler
7. T.M. Raskin
8. J.P. Willson
9. Neil McFarlane
10. Raf Morgan

Book Links
1. Broken Betties
2. Going Dark
3. The Dream of the Forest
4. The Promise That We Made
5. Voyage to the Heart: The Nature of Love
6. Ctrl+Alt+Deleted
7. Pink Tootsie
8. Through the Mind's Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery
9. Pathetic Sick Sniffy Pants
10. The Desert Wall

message 2: by T.M. (new)

T.M. Raskin How do I sign up?

message 3: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Shelton I would like to include Broken Betties, my newest release, in this group iteration.

I look forward to reading the new crop. :)

message 4: by Jolene (new)

Jolene Grace Hello,

I would like to post my novel Going Dark to this group. It's available for free with KU or I can supply the reader with a PDF file, whichever is preferred. Looking forward to reading other members work.

message 5: by Neil (new)

Neil McFarlane Hello, I'd like to participate.

The book is a children's bedtime story, only 23 pages long. Hooray!

It's free to download from Amazon:

message 6: by Aderonke (new)

Aderonke Moyinlorun Hello,

I'd like to sign up with The promise that we made

message 7: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Macdonald I would like to post my non-fiction book Voyage to the Heart: The Nature of Love to this group. I am a new author with a new book and have read the rules above and will abide by them. Looking forward to reading other member's work. I am not a member of any other review group.

message 8: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Swift-Hook Welcome aboard people!

Jolene and Neil - I had to scrabble around to find your GR book links, next time please post that and not one for the Zon ;)

T.M. - Just read the rules and be sure you can fulfil on them, then post the Goodreads link to your book.

Please check for any clashes everbody.

message 9: by Trish (new)

Trish Butler Never reviewed or been reviewed by anyone listed here so far. I'd like to join with my new missing person mystery "Ctrl+Alt+Deleted"
Thanks E.M.

Trish Butler
Ctrl+Alt+Deleted (Rockmond PD Mysteries #1) by Trish Butler

message 10: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Swift-Hook Welcome Trish!

message 11: by Stjepan (last edited Oct 02, 2018 08:29AM) (new)

Stjepan Cobets I would like to join with my new SF novel "The dream of the forest"
The Dream of the Forest

For now no clashes.

message 12: by Steve (new)

Steve Cantwell Hi.
I'd like to include my book in this round please. I can't see any clashes yet.

message 13: by Trish (new)

Trish Butler E.M. wrote: "Welcome Trish!"

Thank you!


message 14: by Trish (new)

Trish Butler Steve wrote: "Hi.
I'd like to include my book in this round please. I can't see any clashes yet.

Wow Steve, some way to remember more stuff sounds good!


message 15: by T.M. (new)

T.M. Raskin I would like to join this review group again! My book is an autobiography about surviving abuse and drug addiction. *Warning* 18+ Graphic details

message 16: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Swift-Hook T.M. if your book is 18+ please join the 18+ Round here, instead :)

message 17: by T.M. (new)

T.M. Raskin Thank you for the recommendation but I don’t want to be in that type of group. I have participated in this group before and don’t understand why I can’t this time. I put 18+ because I explain what happened in detail, not because it’s erotic or gruesome. Please let me join😊

message 18: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Swift-Hook That's fine T.M. - I had assumed you'd missed the 18+ group being set up . Welcome aboard :)

message 19: by T.M. (new)

T.M. Raskin Thank you!

message 20: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Willson Hi E.M. , me again- I would love to join this group if I may, one conflict though, Aderonke has reviewed this book but she could review my other if that is the way things work out...
Through the Mind's Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery
J.P. Willson
and yes I know and have read all the particulars etc etc...
Thank you...
hugs and love...

message 21: by Trish (new)

Trish Butler Oh, is that everyone? I've no conflicts with anyone to my knowledge.

Such fun! (That's for any Miranda fans out there).


message 22: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Swift-Hook Welcome Stjepan, Steve and J.P.

And that is this ship fully loaded. Before we can set sail though I need everyone to double check they have no negative clashes - that they have not reviewed the four people 'above' them on the list (it wraps around so 10 is 'above' 1) or been reviewed by the four below.

When enough people have posted that they don't have such clashes, I can start the round :)

message 23: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Willson I'm sorry E.M., I did not see Stjepan's name on the list anywhere when I signed up, guess I didn't look close enough- he has read and reviewed both of my books...
please don't hate me...

message 24: by T.M. (new)

T.M. Raskin I have no conflicts in this group.

message 25: by Jolene (new)

Jolene Grace I have no conflicts :)

message 26: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Shelton I'm good. No conflicts

message 27: by Neil (new)

Neil McFarlane I have no clashes.

message 28: by Aderonke (new)

Aderonke Moyinlorun No clashes

message 29: by S.L. (last edited Oct 03, 2018 06:55PM) (new)

S.L. Shelton If my reviewers will give me a heads up before starting, I'll drop the price of my book to 99 cents for a day to allow purchase, so we stay in compliance with Amazon rules

message 30: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Macdonald No clahes here.

message 31: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Swift-Hook As you were, folks.

I've had to move someone from the group so we are back to needing an extra body. I don't think the wait will be too long though :)

message 32: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Willson Again E.M. , I have been reviewed by Stjepan in previous groups...sorry to be such a pain...

message 33: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Swift-Hook Not being a pain on this point at all J.P. I thought I had sorted the clash, but I miscounted. All sorted now :)

message 34: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Willson Thank you E.M.

message 35: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Shelton question: does anyone else start getting a lot of unsolicited pay for review e-mails after signing up for one of these groups? I've received six in three days. I almost never get those otherwise.

message 36: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Willson Not I.

message 37: by Trish (new)

Trish Butler S.L. wrote: "question: does anyone else start getting a lot of unsolicited pay for review e-mails after signing up for one of these groups? I've received six in three days. I almost never get those otherwise."

Yes! If you've put your email address on any posts on GR they will find it and start spamming you.

Make good use of your delete button!


message 38: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Swift-Hook S.L. keep your email hidden at all times, never post it openly anywhere. I've been doing these review rounds well over a year and not had such a thing happen.

message 39: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Shelton E.M. wrote: "S.L. keep your email hidden at all times, never post it openly anywhere. I've been doing these review rounds well over a year and not had such a thing happen."

I wasn't aware that I had posted it. I'll check my settings to make sure it's not showing through the account.

message 40: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Macdonald How do I organise receiving the PDF files from the authors of the books on my list (those 4 above my name) and sending the PDF file to those reviewing my book? (those 4 below)

Excuse the silly question but I am a newbie.

message 41: by Trish (new)

Trish Butler Cameron wrote: "How do I organise receiving the PDF files from the authors of the books on my list (those 4 above my name) and sending the PDF file to those reviewing my book? (those 4 below)

Excuse the silly que..."

Cameron, I believe we do it the other way around, EM said make sure the 4 people below you haven't reviewed you because YOU will be reviewing THEM. (unless my brain is scrambled).

To make arrangements, go to the author's page (follow the link on the list above) and to the right of the FOLLOW AUTHOR button there is a drop-down arrow, click that and choose Send Message and send the people a message. Better to share emails on PMs than on here (see comment from SL above about spammers).

Hope that helps and I'm sure EM will clarify who we are reviewing when this group is full and ready to go.


message 42: by Raf (new)

Raf Morgan Hi. I'd like to sign up with my book, The Desert Wall, YA fantasy.

I have not reviewed or been reviewed by anyone already on the list.

message 43: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Macdonald Thanks, Trish and sorry for the confusion, I mixed up with down on who reviews whom. On the go from EM I will follow your advice and PM those I am reviewing. Excuse my over-eagerness, I don't want to slow the boat.



message 44: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Shelton SO...are we a go?

message 45: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Willson S.L. wrote: "SO...are we a go?"

Still short one person...

message 46: by Erinn (new)

Erinn Price Hi, I am new. Would like to sign up with my book March of the Gnomes (litrpg suitable for ya)

message 47: by Erinn (new)

Erinn Price
(sorry forgot to add profile, hope this is right)

message 48: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Shelton J.P. wrote: "S.L. wrote: "SO...are we a go?"

Still short one person..."

I thought Raf, the Desert Wall was the replacement. I must have missed something.

message 49: by Erinn (new)

Erinn Price Yeah, I do see his name before mine and he does not seem to be on the list. I will wait for another group.

Happy reading all.

message 50: by T.J. (new)

T.J. Wray Howdy, can I join this review group? I have never done this before. My book is (Our Teenage Years: Growing up in a Small Town in the 80's). TJ

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