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message 1: by Darren (new)

Darren Beyer An article I wrote about women in sci fi was published on the Grit Daily. I thought some who frequent this board may want to read it:


message 2: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Love the article; thank you for sharing it here. Sorry for sh*tty comments you've gotten from some. It just shows how darn hard some (hell, let's be honest: most) will hold on to their privilege. (And swear up & down they're not privileged at all!)

Added it to my wish list. Thanks again for posting.

message 3: by Darren (new)

Darren Beyer Lynn,

Interesting story associated with some of those comments:

When I wrote the earlier article on women and people of color in science fiction, my publicist got an exclusive with a news website of a particular political slant. At first I was wary of receiving exactly the type of comments that I did end up getting. But then I told her to accept it. When the article came out, the publicist called me about the comments - her words were something to the effect of "at least you have to click the comments button to see them."

I told her that I wasn't at all upset at them. I mentioned that what I wanted to do was write a similar article, but different enough to not go against the exclusivity of the first. The only caveat I had on the second one was that it not go to a web site with the same political slant as the first. When that article was released, the comments were all either neutral or opposite of the first - for an article with essentially the same message. I use those two opposite reactions to make points all the time. The capital I get out of those initial comments is well worth the negativity received from people whose opinion on such matters I hold in low regard anyway.

Besides, we're writers... if we can't take criticism, deserved or not, then we're in the wrong business :)

message 4: by K.E. (new)

K.E. Lanning Tides ebb and flow, but I do hope that we as consumers demand that sci-fi simply mirror society in all of its spectra. One issue with Hollywood is that thrillers, including a fair segment of sci-fi, dominate because of the massive foreign markets, and don't necessarily have, or want, sophisticated plots and fully fleshed-out characters. Gamers seem to also have an influence in writing novels and scripts and are primarily men. But as mentioned, if you have a good novel with diverse characters that people connect to, AND you can get it in front of someone, hope springs eternal that you will rise to the top of the Hollywood slop bucket... I'm working on that myself! Good luck!

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