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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I agree with your review! I think Rose Mary was bipolar or schizophrenic, or both - which would account for why many of her actions seem to make no sense. It was extremely frustrating - but I was even more frustrated at the kids for leaving their piggy bank out in the open - because they should have known better. I just don't think Rose Mary was living in reality. The kids were.

message 2: by Lisaleh (new)

Lisaleh Of all the reviews I've read, this one is most in line with my thoughts on The Glass Castle.

message 3: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Well stated review in line with my thoughts on the book!

message 4: by Elesha (new)

Elesha Buettner Well said! It's easy to put a book down that doesn't work for me but something keep me hooked to the end. A solid 3 star. :)

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