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message 1: by Noran (new)

Noran Miss Pumkin I pride myself in never reading Jane's rants. I really enjoyed this story. If you have not, I recommend watching Gary Senise's version of the movie. Captain Dan can act! Nice review-thanks for sharing!

message 2: by Shovelmonkey1 (new)

Shovelmonkey1 You're the first person who's thanked me for sharing my thoughte... ever! Mostly people are trying to tell me to shut it! ;)

message 3: by Nandakishore (new)

Nandakishore Varma Caroline, your reviews are as weird as ever. Keep up the good work!

message 4: by Shovelmonkey1 (new)

Shovelmonkey1 Thanks N. Mostly i do not set out to produce weird, obscure or obtuse reviews but that seems to be the end result.

message 5: by David (new)

David Sarkies Yep, Jane Austin seems to exist only in her idealistic English village untouched by the modern age, or at least that happened in the one book of hers that I read.

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