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message 1: by Venezia (new)

Venezia wrote: "yeah!!! someone who thinks like me thumps up!!!!! XD
well but i think if alex is dead i would stop reading the triolog, i cried 10 minutes and i readed about 15 time the lasts 2 pages of the book "..."

I know what you first I really thought he was dead when I read the final pages of the book. But I really prefer deaths than change of feelings. This might sound a bit macabre but I prefer to feel cheated by fate than cheated by people in some way.

message 2: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Medina Someone who thinks like me !! thumbs up!! XD
But if Alex is dead i'd rather not read Pandemonium ...

message 3: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Medina LOL I think we're in love with Alex even more than the very Lena <3 ^^

message 4: by Venezia (new)

Venezia I'm not surprised about that at all^.^

message 5: by Andrea (new)

Andrea I agree! I would rather have Alex die - as painful as that would be - than have Lena turn all disloyal ho and devalue the strength of their love. I'm scared for the emotional trauma this book could put me thru! :)

message 6: by Amy (new)

Amy I know it's a depressing thought, but I think she's going to pull a Romeo and Juliet on us. Alex is probably in the Jail right now in the same section that Lena's mom was in, he'll plan an escape and get out, but not soon enough, cause he'll probably find that Lena has either turned herself over to be cured or she'll have killed herself. Then, following the Romeo and Juliet theme, Alex will kill himself.

message 7: by Katherine (new)

Katherine I also almost had a heart attack when I saw the cover. I scared my boyfriend when I yelled " I my god a second book!" I can't wait only a few more days.

message 8: by Venezia (new)

Venezia Katherine wrote: "I also almost had a heart attack when I saw the cover. I scared my boyfriend when I yelled " I my god a second book!" I can't wait only a few more days."

YAY! Too bad I am from Greece and even Delirium hasn't been published here :/

message 9: by Carla (new)

Carla Oh God! I TOTALLY agree with you. I hate love triangles so much. It's just like you said, it kinds of kill the real romance for me. There is no such a thing as someone love 2 people so deep and at the same time. It doesn't exist for me at all. And Alex and Lena love story is so beautiful... i hope it doesn't ger ruined with this Julian.

message 10: by Emily (new)

Emily Right?! I hate love triangles! LENA BETTER CHOOSE ALEX IF THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE! just saying....

message 11: by Jen (new)

Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks I'm afraid to read Requiem for that very reason. I just don't think I could abide her not resolving the Alex-Lena thing happily.

message 12: by Carla (new)

Carla Jenny I 100% agree, I think everyone dreaded a love triangle the second Delirium ended w/o knowing Alex's fate. Right now I'm not real happy with Lena.

message 13: by Ty (new)

Ty you're right. i'd rather have him. in the beginning i was like omigod Alex DIED!!! but now with julian and Alex's PMS problems i think he shouldve stayed dead

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